Training Materials

Guidance Documents


The guidance documents provided below were created by ASDTP TAMS to assist Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP) system personnel and contractors statewide, including staff and contractors of DDD and ASDB.

AzEIP Process Flowchart - 4-14-2014 - This flowchart summarizes the AzEIP policies and procedures throughout the process from referral through transition.


Training Videos/Modules


The training videos/Modules listed below were developed by the ASDTP TAMS to assist families and professionals in understanding various aspects of the Arizona Early Intervention Program, or AzEIP.

If you have questions after viewing the videos, please contact your local TAMS for further information or email

Working Collaboratively I - December 2013 - How AzEIP, ASDB, and DDD work collaboratively to improve outcomes for children and families.  This voice over PowerPoint covers the initial planning process from referral through the initial IFSP.  Print the notes pages to have a hard copy of the voice presentation.

Assessment Module - 2013 - This module contains a video-clip, two PowerPoint presentations and discussion guides that can be used by trainers and supervisors working with groups of practitioners, or by individual practitioners to review and improve AzEIP Child and Family Assessment processes.

AzEIP Policy Change Webinars - 2012 - These webinars were created to help Arizona's early intervention community understand and implement policy changes for AzEIP, which become effective July 1, 2012. 

AzEIP Overview for Families – 2011 - Specifically designed for families, this video also provides a general overview of AzEIP.

AzEIP SC Video – 2009 - Although developed in 2009, this overview of service coordinator functions and responsibilities is still relevant today.

The 7 Key Principles of Early Intervention - 2012 - Short presentations and videos to guide early intervention practices with children and families based upon the 7 key principles of early intervention.