United States Postal Service Information

 Note: Be sure to mark the service desired on each mailing label. Material submitted without a service request will be sent out at Standard mail rate.

FIRST CLASS - Letters, large envelopes and packages weighing 11 oz. or less are sent by First Class mail. Any item which weighs over 11 oz. is considered Priority mail. (You also have the option of sending mail weighing less than 11 oz. as Priority mail.)

AIRMAIL - (Mail with destinations to Canada, Mexico, and Overseas) All large envelopes and packages must have a customs form completed and attached to the mail piece.

STANDARD MAIL "PARCEL POST" - Standard mail postage rates are less than First class rates. Standard mail may be used for any parcel weighing less than 1 lb, packages which weigh between 1 lb. and 70 lbs. will be sent Parcel Post. If faster service is desired, use First class mail, Priority mail, or Express mail.

BOOK RATE - This rate is available for mailings of 24 or more pages permanently bound. (loose-leaf binders, notebooks, etc. do not apply for this rate.)

LIBRARY RATE - This rate is available for: books, films, educational, or cultural materials being sent to or from educational and cultural institutions.