Submitting Department Outgoing Mail

 Separate mail according to the type of mail piece and destination. 

Note: Please do not mix pre-stamped; business reply; or on-campus mail with meter mail

Mail piece types: 

  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Large Envelopes/Flats
  • Folded Mail

Sort by destination: 

  • On-Campus mail (Zip Code 86011) Does not need postage. 
  • Off-Campus mail
  • Stamped and "No Postage Necessary" mail
  • Foreign mail - Requires extra postage.

Letters that need to be sealed

Letters which weigh less that 1oz. can be sealed by the meter machine. Please put envelope flaps up and rubberband letters together based on destination. Letters which weigh more than 1oz. and/or in large Envelopes must be sealed by the department. 

Folded mail guidelines

Folded mail pieces will be accepted only if the following criteria are met: 

  • Paper weight must be at least 40 lb.
  • Paper is machine letter fold
  • Folded edge is at the bottom; open edge is at the top
  • Place two tabs at the top of tri-fold to seal mail piece
  • Mail piece is not stapled
  • Return Address and NAU Account Number are in the upper left hand corner