Policy on the Use of NAU Postal Services



The purpose of this document is to establish criteria, define eligibility and restrictions in the use of NAU Postal Services.


The NAU Postal Services exists primarily for the distribution, collection, and processing of the University Intra-campus, U.S. mail and United Parcel Service. The contents of which are related to the official business of the university. Official materials are those dealing with some aspect of university operations, which can be defined as being essential to the activities of the institution as differentiated from private business or personal mail. In this context, the campus mail system, as part of the university's facilities, is a restricted service. It is not available for the personal use of university employees nor for the personal use, private gain, or use by non-university groups for the advertisement of programs or political endorsements not sponsored by the university.

University Postage Meters

Postage meters are to be used only for official mail contained in NAU letterhead envelopes or packages, with a full NAU Department return address. Department account number must be present underneath the return address, along with the corresponding bar-code.


University postage meters and mailing permits are the ONLY acceptable methods of appling postage on all University business mail. This policy ensures that NAU business mail qualifies and receives applicable postage discounts. It is a violation of policy for Departments to purchase postage stamps from the US Postal Service or NAU Contract Station. This policy is set as an auditing procedure to protect University assets and prevent personal use of such postage stamps.

Personal Mail 

Defined as any mail not related to NAU or your position at NAU such as: utility bills, credit card and bank accounts not related to NAU, and periodicals not related to your position. NAU requires that all faculty and staff receive their personal mail at home or at a permanent address. Occasional correspondence from friends and/or colleagues is acceptable. Your NAU address should never be given as your permanent address unless you live on campus.

The NAU department is responsible for returning to sender or forwarding any faculty or staff mail once they have moved from the respective department. It is the responsibility Of the department to determine if the mail belongs within the department or should be returned or forwarded to the faculty or staff to their off campus address or newly assigned department. IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF NAU POSTAL SERVICES.

Note: Intra-campus Mail System is limited to university business. For delivery, folded material, stapled or taped is acceptable. Use intra-campus mail envelopes for Faculty/Staff only.

A. Distribution to Students: 

For mailing of 100 plus pieces:To reduce sorting time, provide all mailings in ascending box number order. Request labels in ascending box order. If every student on-campus is receiving the same information, labels are not necessary.

B. Distribution to Faculty/Staff:  

Mailings of 100 plus:To reduce sorting time, provide all mailings in ascending box number order. Request labels in ascending box order. Mailings directed to specific faculty or staff requires individual names and box numbers. Other options to distribute information to faculty/staff are:

  • Sending one flyer to each department to post
  • Sending a bundle of flyers to each department to distribute
  • E-mail or department web site


Services are available to: 

  • Currently employed administrators, faculty and staff
  • Adjunct and Emeriti Professors
  • Student organizations registered with Student Services


Examples of misuse of campus mail include the attempted distribution of:

  • Chain letters, hate mail, mail with obscene content
  • Letters to gain personal profit (ex. pyramid schemes)
  • On/off campus political endorsements
  • In general other correspondence that is not official university business

Minimum size: 3 ½" x 5"

Maximum size: Any piece larger than the mailbox will be issued a package notice


Each Dean, Director or Department Head is responsible for determining if materials to be addressed, and/or distributed by the NAU Postal Services relate to official business of the university. When questions occur concerning such determination, the matter must be referred to the next level of university administration (Dean, Director, Vice President, etc.)

Note: Materials found within the NAU Postal Services to be in violation of this policy will be removed immediately and the appropriate administrator will be contacted.