Forwarding Mail

Students MUST submit a change of address form with NAU Postal Services when the student:

  • Moves to an off campus address or the following dorms Campus Heights, Fountaine Residence, Hilltop Townhouses, McKay Village, Pine Ridge Village, Ponderosa Apts, Roseberry Apts, South Village Apts, The Suites, etc.
  • Leaves campus for the summer
  • Withdraws completely from NAU
  • Leaves NAU permanently
  • Regular Forwards are valid for one year
  • Summer Forwards are valid until you return for the fall semester
  • Christmas Break, you do not need to put in a forward, we will hold your mail until you return for the spring semester.

It is the student's responsibility to inform people sending them mail of their new address when the student has moved off campus or left the university. 

Note:  Students who do not submit a forwarding notice will have their mail returned to the sender.