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Custom Department Trainings

Is your department in need of specific training, but your topic of interest is not listed on this page?Learning and Professional Development offers custom departmental trainings, covering all ITS supported software and services. Possible custom trainings include Microsoft Office products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook), Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, In Design, etc.), Sharepoint, and many more These trainings are held in the LPD training labs, located on North and South campus. As with all other LPD services, these custom trainings are free of charge for NAU departments. A department. To qualify for a departmental training, you must have at least five employees who will attend. If you are interested in having LPD provide your department with a custom training, please email us at with a brief description of your training needs and an appropriate contact person.

Ektron CMS Publisher Training

In this course, users who have had their website converted to the Ektron system will learn how to edit and maintain their websites. The first half of the course will be dedicated to basic-level editing, while the second half of the course will be for those interested in learning how to appropriately use additional features available in the Content Management System (CMS).If you have any questions about this training, please contact the EDEN help desk at (928) 523-1741

Enterprise Reporting & Analytics Open Lab Sessions

Are you new to Enterprise Reporting? Do you need help navigating? Are you in search of a particular report to meet your needs? Have a specific question? Enterprise Reporting & Analytics (EAR) Open Lab sessions are offered for hands-on assistance with Enterprise Reporting (Business Objects). Simply show up at any time during the available hours, get your questions answered, and then leave at your leisure. Registration is not required, but if you register and complete the training you can count the EAR Open Lab toward your Professional Development. This lab is open to all users of Enterprise Reporting. You need an Enterprise Reporting account prior to attending an open lab. Email for access to Enterprise Reporting/Business Objects.

ITS ServiceNow Change Management Training

In-person training hosted by the Change Management team on how to submit and own a Change request in ServiceNow.

ITS ServiceNow Intro Training

This course is for new ITS employees covering basic functions of the ServiceNow application.

ITS Service-Now Training

This class will cover various service now topics

OSFA PL Packaging Training

Internal training for OSFA Personalized Learning staff

Position Management Funding Form Training & Open Lab

Come learn all about the new Position Management Funding Form and how it can help you more easily manage position funding changes.  In the first hour, we will provide an overview of the new features available in the new form and demonstrate how to initiate funding changes for benefit eligible positions, pool positions (new feature!), and vacant positions (new feature!).  You will then have an opportunity to create several test forms to reinforce what you have learned.  The second hour of this session includes an open lab where members of the Budget Office Position Management team will be available to answer questions and help you initiate Funding Forms for any funding changes that you wish to bring with you.

Program/Plan Re-certification Training

This training will go over basic program/plan functions and uses with a focus on advising uses. Everyone with program/plan security is required to take and pass the quiz that will be available as of June 18th. Users do not have to attend the training in order to take the quiz; there are program/plan training videos on the Registrar’s website and also a Basic Program/Plan maintenance document that users can review in lieu of attending this training in person or via Collaborate. Users with Program/Plan security will have until Friday August, 22nd to take and pass the quiz in order to maintain their program/plan security. In person training is being offered for those who would prefer a program/plan refresher in person rather than reviewing current documentation.

PS Financial Departmental Journal (IDT/IPT) Transactions Training

This class offers step-by-step, hands-on training on creating departmental journal transactions (IDT, IPT and IST journals). How to create, Edit, and submit your Journals as well as review and search for journal transactions. The last ½ hour of the training will be a short presentation from the Post Award Office covering the additional guidelines/requirements for process transactions against grant projects. A Q&A for “Post Awards” will be held 15 minutes after the scheduled training time for those who have additional questions. It is recommended (but not required) that you have reviewed and worked through the on-line navigation documentation at:

PS Financial Travel & Expenses Training

To request training for Travel & Expenses processing, please send an e-mail request to  Travel processors are required to take travel policy training before they are given security to process travel claims.  For that reason, the travel processing class is combined with travel policy training.  The class is typically 3 half days with the first two days covering travel policy and the day spent on travel processing in a computer lab. 

PS Financials Budget Inquiry Training

The PS Financials Budget Inquiry training course is designed to give users an overview of the PS Financials budget inquiry and report functionality within the commitment control module.   A user will utilize these inquires and reports to review a department, cabinet or project’s actual revenue and expense versus budget.  Through hands-on exercises and demonstrations, users will be guided to set up budget inquires and run reports within the PS Financials system.   It is recommended that you review and/or print out the documentation under the Budget Inquiry and Reporting section of the PS Financials Training Documentation website prior to the course.

PS Financials New-Year Requisition Sessions

These sessions are designated for state/local new-year requisition entry (fiscal year 2016 requisitions). Representatives from Purchasing, the Budget Office and Financial Accounting Services will be available during the sessions to answer questions, and help validate data entry to ensure that new-year requisitions get posted to the correct fiscal and budget year. For more information, please refer to the new-year SharePoint webpage:

PS Financials Open Lab Sessions

Representatives from the different functional areas will be available at these sessions to answer questions and assist with PeopleSoft Financials document processing and year-end cleanup.  Although registration is not required, it is highly encouraged as it helps us plan and staff the session appropriately.  If there is little or no interest in the session through the online registration, the session will be cancelled.

PS Financials Requisition Training

When goods and/or services need to be purchased for NAU, Requisitions must be submitted and approved.  Once the Requisition is approved, it is converted into a Purchase Order (either by the department designee OR by a Buyer in eProcurement).  Once the Purchase Order has been sent (dispatched) to the Vendor, items may be received against the Purchase Order.  Once items have been received, Vendor invoices may be paid.  This training provides how to accomplish these processes in PeopleSoft Financial.

PS Query

PS Query training for NAU analyst staff.

Schedule of Classes Overview Training


Unity Portal Focus Group

This course is an ITS Student Worker focus group for the new Unity Portal.

Wait List Training

The ability to offer wait listing for classes has arrived! This means that, effective Fall 2016, students will be allowed to opt-in to wait list for classes that are full and to see their wait list position for classes that offer the option to wait list. Wait listing will allow departments to identify classes that are in demand and reduce the need for enrollment cap management, among other benefits. It will also cover student, faculty and administrative processes regarding wait listing.

WordPress Training

Attending WordPress training is required for anyone wishing to gain access to a WordPress site for NAU. To fulfill the training requirements, everyone must attend an in-person training session and at least one open lab or workshop. The open labs and workshops are designed for independent hands-on practice in your site with subject matter experts available to answer questions. For more information about the training process, visit