Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students


Software at NAU

ITS offers software support for Faculty, Staff, and Students to allow the campus community to achieve academic and administrative goals and functions.

Software Policies

ITS has specific policies in place regarding software support for NAU Faculty, Staff, & Students. These policies help ITS better support the needs of the campus.

Software Support Policy 
ITS Google Support Policy 
Mobile Device Support Policy 
Personal Equipment Support Policy 

Purchasing Software

Learn about Purchasing Adobe Products

NAU participates in institutional purchases of Adobe software with educational discounts.  

To learn more about purchasing Adobe software, please visit our Adobe Software support page.

Learn about Purchasing Microsoft Products

NAU participates in multiple license agreements for use of Microsoft software on institutionally-owned computers. NAU also participates in some programs for use of Microsoft software on home machines.

To learn more about purchasing or acquiring Microsoft software, please visit our Microsoft Software support page

Learn about the Microsoft EES Agreement

ITS maintains a software licensing agreement with Microsoft called the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES), formerly known as the Microsoft Campus Agreement. NAU’s Agreement covers faculty, staff, students & lab systems at NAU, as well as Air Force or Army ROTC, and designated graduate assistants. This agreement does not cover NAU affiliates. 

Learn more at our Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) support page.

Before Purchasing Software

The purpose of the checklist is to make sure that IT support, infrastructure, project management and information security issues are identified and addressed prior to a contract being signed.  A number of software application purchases take place at NAU with the expectation that ITS can provide support, but that may not always be the case. 

Before initiating the ITS Software Checklist:

  • If you have not already done so, contact Contacts, Purchasing, and Risk Management at to ensure proper procurement policies are followed. Some purchases may require quotes or competitive solicitation. 
  • Ask the vendor for any documentation, VPAT, technical specifications, and contact information for their technical personnel, and include those documents in the attachment dialog in the ITS Software Checklist. 
  • If the software being purchased is hosted by the vendor or "cloud" based, ask the vendor to complete the Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool found here.

Once the steps above have been completed, the ITS Software Checklist can be found here.

If you're thinking about starting a big software project but you're not sure where to start or you are already working on an RFP, contact the ITS Systems Analyst Team (  We can help with recommendations, initial project planning including high level requirements gathering, and begin the interface with other NAU ITS teams.

Purchasing Contacts

For help with purchasing Adobe products, please contact the ITS Solution Center for more information and options. 

For help with purchasing Microsoft Visual Studio, please contact Tyler White. 

Dell Representative 
Tyler White
Phone: 512-728-9481

For help with purchasing Microsoft Project or Visio, please contact Rachel Parker. 

CDW-G Representative 
Rachel Parker
Phone: 312-705-8795

Obtaining University Software

ITS provides multiple ways to obtain University software.

Software Downloads

This area provides access to many different software packages that you can download and install onto your  work and home computer with installation instructions.

You will be required to enter your NAU UserID and NAU Password which will check your NAU affiliation, and will then allow you to download any software which you are authorized to use from anywhere.




Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is extremely vital and important because of how unsafe the Internet is.  NAU provides the Microsoft Endpoint Protection also known as Windows Defender Antivirus software free of charge for NAU University owned machines.

To learn more about Antivirus software, please refer to our Antivirus Software support page.

Oracle Client Software

ITS provides instructions and links to software to enable you to install your Oracle Client Software. The software is required to directly access ITS supported Oracle databases. You may not require this software if you access Oracle databases via an application such as PeopleSoft or Blackboard Learn.

For help with installing the Oracle Client software, please visit our Oracle Client Software Installation support page.

Statistical Software

ITS supports three statistical programs at NAU that may be installed on faculty, staff, departmental, and student computers for non-commercial, Academic or Academic Research use only. These include SPSS (also called PASW, this includes AMOS), SAS, and JMP running on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

For help with licencing and purchasing of Statistical software, please visit our Statistical Software Licensing and Purchasing support page.


The Software directory on NAUShares holds the most commonly used software for both the Windows and Mac operating systems (e.g. Microsoft Office, operating systems, browsers, and etc). All NAU Faculty and Staff have access to the Software directory within NAUShares. These software packages are located in their relative folders "Windows" and "Mac" within the Software directory.


Within the Software directory on NAUShares is the ~Software_Vault. The ~Software_Vault is a limited access area for obtaining licensed and restricted software packages. To gain access to software within the Software Vault, please open a ticket in ServiceNow with your business use case for access.

Mapping NAUShares

Windows: "\\NAUShares\Software"

Mac: "smb://"

For help with mapping NAUShares, please refer to our Network Drive support page under the "Mapping a Network Drive" section with a specific operating system.

Software Update

ITS applies automatic updates to operating systems and specific software for University owned devices. To learn more about the updates that get applied, please select one of the help topics from below. 

Software Automatic Updates

ITS will automatically apply critical and security updates to software.  The software that will be automatically updated includes:

  • Windows and Mac Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Endpoint Protection also known as Windows Defender
ITS recommends updating software as often as possible. Certain software such as Firefox, Java, or even Microsoft Office should not be updated for business use cases. If you are uncertain if you fall into one of these use cases, please contact the ITS Solution Center at 928-523-1511 so that we may provide consultation.
Windows Automatic Updates

ITS applies critical and security updates to all computers logging into the NAU domain.  

Learn more at our Windows Automatic Updates support page.

Software Support

ITS provides support for different types of software and different levels of support for specific software.

Support Information

Software Support varies depending on your affiliation with NAU. 

Students - ITS provides support, to their best ability, for any software that allows the student to achieve their academic goals and responsibility. 

Students with software problems and questions should contact the Student Technology Center at 928-523-9294 or use their convenient Walk-In Center and Drop-Off Service.

Faculty & Staff - ITS provides support for selected software. Please review the support polices in the "Software Policies" section above to find detailed information about software support.

Faculty & Staff with software problems and questions should contact the ITS Solution Center at 928-523-1511. 

Adobe Products

NAU ITS offers support for various Adobe products. These products range from Adobe Reader to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

To learn more about Adobe software support, please visit our Adobe Software support page.

Microsoft Products

NAU ITS offers support for various Microsoft products including: Microsoft Office, Skype for Business, Lync 2011, SharePoint, and etc.

To learn more about Microsoft software support, please visit our Microsoft Software support page

SQL Support for Students

ITS provides SQL services for students via a MySQL server account which you can get at your request.

To learn more about SQL services provided by ITS, please visit our SQL Support page.