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Welcome to Tech Time, the show where we answer your questions regarding ITS supported software.

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Learning topics include: TIPS, FERPA training, BlackBoard Learn, TechTime

Training & Documentation

There are a few final steps that you need to take before we can walk onto that stage and receive that well earned degree and one of them is applying for graduation! We will walk you through this process and get you on your way to receiving that degree!

Photoshop is a massive program that is limited to your imagination. In this video we'll cover a few of the most common tools used in Photoshop.

Even the professionals in Learning and Professional Development sometimes have a difficult time in front of the camera! Check out our bloopers from 2014.

Not every take in the LPD studio is perfect. And now we're giving you an inside look at the scenes that didn't make the cut! Happy April and enjoy!

It's that time of year again! Everyone loves bloopers, so for our April 1st, 2016 Tech Time episode we bring you LPD's best blooper moments from the past year.

Green PC is an ITS server that allows you to access a Windows desktop and applications from any computer with a network connection.

BbLearn's Content Collection feature is a service provided by BbLearn to help faculty, staff, and students share NAU-related files that are too large to share through e-mail.  In this video we'll walk you through importing files into BbLearn's Content Collection, sharing these files through e-mail, and then accessing these files when you are the one receiving them.

You can use Microsoft Outlook rules to stay more organized and locate specific emails easier and faster! Rules are a way to have incoming messages sorted, filed, marked or otherwise handled automatically. Different reasons to use rules in Microsoft Outlook could be to move messages from a particular address into a specific folder, to assign a category or flag messages with a particular word in the subject of an email, or to forward all messages with attachments to another email address.

Working with Fetch.  Join Ryan and Jason in this Tech Time Video as they discuss the FTP Mac application, Fetch.

We all have important documents that we would hate to lose, whether it be personal files or shared documentation. Backing up your data files is a must to ensure you always have access to your important documents, and to decrease the risk of losing them due to a computer malfunction or mistake. In this episode of Tech Time, I am going to show you how to store data files on different NAU servers depending on the type of information you are saving and whether or not those files should be shared with others in your department.

Have you ever accidentally sent an email that wasn’t finished? Or accidently sent an email to the wrong address? Now there’s a setting you can enable in Gmail that allows you to undo that email for up to 30 seconds after sending.

Everyone is aware of ways to go green to help keep the Earth a beautiful place. But what about ways to go green with technology at home and at work? In this episode of Tech Time, we show you just a couple of ways you can be more sustainable while using technology.

Keeping up to date on your progress is an important aspect of the undergraduate experience, especially when it comes to checking your grades.  NAU offers a couple of different ways to check your grades, including My NAU and Blackboard Learn.

Whether you live on campus or off campus, if you have a car and want to park at the university you need to have a parking permit to do so. You have a few options of where to park, in a parking lot or a parking garage! The process of purchasing a parking permit online is quick and simple.

Jacks Planner is an interactive planning tool that provides a clear pathway towards degree completion. It has features which allow you to add or remove the terms you plan to attend along with how many units you want to take so that you can graduate in your preferred timeline. You can also select preferred locations, a feature specifically designed to improve the extended campus student experience. In this episode we’ll learn about all of the different resources that Jacks Planner has to offer.

If you log on to your LOUIE account, you might notice a new function called Jacks Scheduler. This new tool helps build your class schedule based on the classes you want to take and any necessary breaks you might need. This makes the overall process of designing the perfect class schedule easier and a lot less stressful.

In this episode of Tech Time, you're going to learn how to search classes within Louie Class Search.

Lynda offers self-paced, hands-on video courses on a variety of important skills; from using Microsoft and Adobe products to creative skill sets like photography, web design, and video editing. And the best part? NAU provides full access to the Lynda library to all students, faculty, and staff.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up some of your daily tasks. This video covers some of the most popular shortcuts for Macs.

In this episode we will walk you through the steps on how to remote into a PC from a MAC. You can use this tool when you are working from home, are in a meeting, or giving a presentation and need to access something on your work computer.

Mapping a Shared Drive. This episode of Tech Time will show you how to connect to a shared drive using both Mac OSX and Windows 7. Specifically, we will show you how to connect to the home drive, also known as the Bonsai Drive or H Drive.For written documentation regarding Bonsai, visit:

Blackboard Learn is NAU’s online Learning Management System. It is where you will access any online classes you take through NAU, and it also contains online resources for in-person NAU classes such as documents, videos, quizzes, assignments, and discussion boards.

This free text notification service is called NAU Alert. When you setup your cell phone with NAU Alert, you will receive important emergency notifications, including weather-related closures. For written documentation, visit:

The vLab provides NAU affiliates with remote access to the student computer lab environment. All you need is a free Remote Desktop Connection utility, High Speed Internet Access, and an active NAU student, faculty, or staff account. For written documentation. visit:

For those of you who are new to NAU, welcome! You now live and study on one of the most unique, beautiful campuses in the country. It is a large campus, and finding your way around can be daunting. Navigating NAU’s digital resources, on the other hand, is simplified through the use of MyNAU, your portal to important NAU functions like accessing your email, viewing your class schedule, signing up for courses, and accessing Blackboard.

Apple’s newest operating System, Mavericks, is now fully supported by ITS here at NAU. Although Mavericks is similar to Mountain Lion, there are a few new features that will help you stay organized and be more productive.

Add your picture to Outlook, the NAU email address book, and Sharepoint by default and make your picture available inside of Lync.

Setting up your NAU Gmail on your different smartphone devices is a convenient way to make sure you don't miss a thing! In this episode of Tech Time we will show you how to put NAU Gmail on your IOS and Android Devices.

One of the most important tasks that you will face between semesters is registering for classes. Today we are going to explore the ins and outs of the Louie interface, and help you get more comfortable with NAU’s class registration system.

Remote Desktop.  This episode of Tech Time covers Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop allows for a user to log into a computer (like your office computer) from a computer in another location (like from home or in a lab on campus).

If you are planning on applying to any higher education program, or transferring out of NAU, knowing how to request your official transcripts is an important part of the application process. This video will walk you through the steps on how to request your official transcripts.

It is important to regularly change your password to protect this information. At NAU, students have to change their password every 180 days while faculty and staff will have to change your password every 90 days and you will receive notifications when that time comes. However, you can change your password at any time if you feel that your information is no longer protected.

NAU's new ticket management system for ITS, ServiceNow, is a great tool to receive help when experiencing technical difficulties with any ITS supported service.

As the semester gets underway, your financial aid will help you pay for university finances such as room and board, meal plans, parking passes, and other campus expenses. But what happens to that extra money left over once everything has been paid for with your financial aid? In this episode, we will walk you through the steps on how to set up your direct deposit so you can have your financial aid refund deposited into your personal bank account. If you are faculty or staff or a student worker, these steps for setting up direct deposit are the same for you so you can have your paycheck deposited into your bank account. For written documentation, visit:

Skype for Business is a resource that is available through Microsoft. This tool is used for instant messaging, directory information, and face to face business meetings.

There may be a time when your department or professor asks you to analyze large amounts of data. NAU provides software to do just that. SPSS is a computer program used for survey authoring, data mining, text analytics, statistical analysis, and collaboration & deployment. SPSS is available at NAU Computer Labs and on our Virtual Lab System. ITS also subsidizes installations for faculty, staff, and students. This Tech Time Tutorial will guide you through the process of retrieving a license, downloading and installing SPSS.

Everyone loves to be paid for their work, so you must make sure that you enter your hours correctly in order to be paid accordingly. In this episode, we will take you through completing a timesheet entry as a student worker.

In this episode of Tech Time we give a brief overview of the completely redesigned ITS web presence.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up some of your daily tasks. This video covers some of the most popular shortcuts for Windows.