Statistical Software Licensing and Purchasing

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

Statistical Programs supported at NAU

NOTE: We have seen issues with installation of SPSS on Mac and Windows with the new version. The License Authorization Wizard must be run spearately after the software installation.

ITS supports three statistical programs at NAU that may be installed on faculty, staff, departmental, and student computers for non-commercial, Academic or Academic Research use only. These include SPSS (also called PASW, this includes AMOS), SAS, and JMP running on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X. 

Current Versions:

Product Version License Period covered
SPSS 24 2016-2017
SAS 9.4 2016-2017
JMP 12 2016-2017

NOTE: SPSS for the Mac will only run on Intel-based Macs, not the earlier PowerPC systems. AMOS is included with the Windows version of SPSS. License period will be updated each year as soon as the new license is available. 

R and RStudio are currently being tested for use and are utilized by some departments at NAU. Currently RStudio is available on the Jan and Dana servers. Very limited support is available for R and RStudio. SAS has also released a free University Edition

Mathematica is available for Student, staff, and Faculty use. The product may be installed on home machines. Information for the product and how to obtain a copy may be found on the CEFNS Mathematica website.

SAS is avaialble for free for desktop computers as the SAS University Edition from SAS is also available on the VLAB and the Monsoon cluster.

These software packages are installed in the Computer Labs on campus as well as on the Virtual Lab (vlab).


The yearly license for the statistical packages runs from July 1st to the end of the following June. New licenses typically arrive in July and, once available, are placed for sale in the ITS Software Store. The exception is SPSS which is handled via the SPSS self registration system. SPSS has a 30-day grace period and SAS has a 90-day grace period. Licensing is handled separately for both SPSS and SAS JMP. You may self register for SPSS each year (access is available only on the NAU domain or if logged into the NAU VPN). JMP is available only through the ITS Software Store for purchase.
SAS, SPSS, and JMP are only available for teaching and research applications by University Faculty, Staff, and Students. Administrative users should look into the use of R and an SPSS clone named PSPP. SAS is available for free to faculty and students through SAS, is available on the High performance cluster and the ITS vlab for non-commerial research and instruction. SPSS and JMP are available for individual desktops and also on the ITS VLAB.
Additional information and general support of statistical processing and programs at NAU is available.  

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JMP software is an interactive data visualization and statistical analysis tool.
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SAS is a full featured statistical and data mining tool.
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SPSS/PASW is a computer program used for survey authoring, data mining, text analytics, statistical analysis, and collaboration and deployment.

Training & Documentation

General Information Academic Computing also assists in  survey processing  and  Faculty evaluation  processing. ITS is able to supply (for a nominal charge) scan forms that you may employ in your survey based research. 

JMP is available for Windows and Macintosh. 

RStudio Using RStudio on Jan or Dana R and RStudio are open source implementations of statistical routines that may be used instead of or in conjunction with other statistical programs at NAU.  To access RStudio you will need either a dana or a jan account. Once you have an account on either of these SC

SAS is a full featured statistical and data mining tool available on Microsoft Windows only.

ITS Supports the SPSS/PASW statistical package at NAU