SQL Support for Students

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

ITS provides SQL services for students via a MySQL server account which you can get at your request. To request a personal MySQL server for use with your websites, please visit this website (http://acadtools.ucc.nau.edu/MySql2/) and click on Create Personal MySQL Account. Be sure to note the instructions that are presented at the end of the setup process:

MySQL Instructions

You have just built an account for MySQL on acadgpl.ucc.nau.edu. You also have an empty database created under the same name. On the MySQL server, the database name for an account is the same as the account name
The hostname for the MySQL server is acadgpl.ucc.nau.edu.

To connect to the service using the mysql client (one is available on jan) type:
mysql -u [account name] -p -h acadgpl.ucc.nau.edu

You will then be prompted for the password for the account. You should then be logged into MySQL. You can now create the schema your application will require. After you have created your schema there are a couple ways in which to access MySQL. PHP is available to everyone in thier public_html directory. Tomcat areas are also available for specific needs. If you need additional documentation on how to use MySQL, please see the MySQL Official Documentation 

When you created an account, you, and any administrators on your account, were subscribed to Mysql-dev@lists.nau.edu. This list is in place to allow us to email the users of MySQL about upgrades and scheduled downtime. It is also the place where you can discuss questions you may have about MySQL with other users at NAU. If you do have a question feel free to email Mysql-dev@lists.nau.edu