Shared Email

Available To: Faculty, Staff

Shared mailboxes are provided for email related to departmental, project, program or organizational needs. A shared mailbox enables a on or more individuals to share responsibility for receiving and/or sending email on behalf of an NAU department, project, program or other organization.   A shared mailbox should also be utilized to associate a single, recognizable address with an organization. 

Using a shared mailbox for ongoing organizational email communications has several advantages over using individual’s email.

  1. A shared mailbox address can be published on the web and in print, projecting an organizational image.
  2. A shared mailbox can be assigned an email alias that reflects its function, i.e. "".
  3. A shared mailbox remains unchanged, maintaining any saved messages, sent items, etc, when responsibility for reading and responding to email moves to a different individual.
  4. The manager of a shared mailbox has the ability to update mailbox user access privileges at any point in time, enabling them to make changes as staffing changes.
  5. User access to shared accounts is based on the individual’s username and password; no need to remember or share login information among users.
  6. Management of a shared mailbox may be easily transferred to a different individual when necessary.

It is recommended that a shared mailbox be requested anytime there is a need to communicate via email as a functional group rather than as an individual. 


Any NAU faculty or staff member may request a shared mailbox, and access to these mailboxes can be shared among specified faculty, staff, students and affiliates.

How to Request

Contact the ITS Solution Center at 928-523-1511 to request a shared mailbox.

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Training & Documentation

Instructions for accessing a shared Exchange mailbox from either Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Desktop Outlook.

Add and Edit users who have access to a Shared Email account.