New ITS Service Portal

Date Created: 10/1/2017 4:57:04 PM

By: ITS Communications

The ITS Service Portal is a one-stop website for accessing information about ITS Services, viewing the current availability status of ITS supported services, and engaging ITS staff for support.

New Portal:

The new ITS Service Portal provides:

  • Quick, searchable access to the ITS Knowledge Base and Service Catalog.
  • One-click access to create a ticket to the ITS Solution Center, Student Technology Center, and Classroom Support teams.
  • Visibility into the current state of ITS supported systems on a single-page 
  • Improved search of the Service Catalog to request ITS Services.

Knowledge Base 

The Knowledge Base contains user-focused articles, categorized by service type. These articles provide information on common technical resources. You can browse categories, view commonly viewed articles, and search by article keywords. The Knowledge Base will be expanding as ITS populates it with more relevant data. Stay tuned!

System Status

The System Status page provides information regarding the availability of supported ITS Services, both current and historical. Updates to everything from planned maintenance to ITS supported services to full system outages appear in this area. Service disruptions to non-ITS services may also appear on the System Status page. You can subscribe to System Status notifications and receive real-time emails regarding systems that you select. 

Service Catalog

The Service Catalog hosts information on ITS services and provides quick links to common requests for ITS Solution Center, Student Technology Center, Classroom Support, and Telecom Requests. You can initiate tickets to request service or assistance from the appropriate team, which means a quicker response time.