ResNet Wireless

Available To: Students

NAU is committed to providing excellent wireless service in all areas of every residence hall. This is a service that you expect and were promised. NAU wireless is all you need—as long as there is no interference. In an effort to reduce interference on the ResNet wireless network, personal wireless routers are not allowed on campus.

There are two wireless networks on campus. The first, called ResNet, is a secure WPA2-Enterprise encrypted network. To access it, connect to the network as normal and then enter your user ID and password when prompted. Also be sure to accept the security certificate when prompted to do so. The second network, called ResNet-Alt, is an open network available for devices that do not have WPA2-Enterprise capability (game consoles, DVRs, internet TVs, etc...).

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ResNet Wireless FAQs

Wireless Interference
ResNet Wireless Interference

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Getting Started on ResNet

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Overview of wireless interference and their possible sources in the residence halls

If you are experiencing wireless problems in your dorm room, fill out a wireless problem report.

Wireless B (IEEE 802.11b) connections have been disabled on the ResNet wireless system. Here's why.