Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

NAU students, faculty, staff and affiliates receive an NAU User ID along with a password to access many of the computer based applications and services at NAU.

Your password will expire on a regular basis requiring you to reset it. 

Password Change Tool: 

This is the self service account tool for Northern Arizona University. This tool will help you reset your password, set your secret question/answer for your accounts and enable your accounts here at NAU if you are a first time user. This tool uses your UID. There is an option for "Don't Know" for new users.

Password Lockout

A password lockout is a problem that occurs when a user changes their NAU password online without changing it on all of their devices. If a device is active and continually tries to log on to any of NAU's services using the users old password it will cause that users account to become locked. The different services that could cause a user’s account to be locked out include the NAU wireless network, NAU VPN, Outlook, and other various email clients. With many different devices in existence that store these passwords, it is becoming easier to get locked out of the NAU system. To prevent password lockouts, it is important that you change your password on each of your devices; these instruction sets will help you accomplish the task of changing your password in multiple locations.

Call your support desk to have your account unlocked:

Students: Student Technology Center

Faculty/Staff: ITS Solution Center

The Student Technology Center at Cline Library can also assist in-person with password resets.

Related Services

Not available to students Available to facultyAvailable to staff

The Auth-Test temporary password tool provides temporary access to the cas test environment for testing purposes.

Training & Documentation

An explanation of NAU's current password policy.