Home Drive for Students - Dana

Available To: Students

You can use your 500 MB of storage on the Dana (Z:) drive to back up important documents. The default save location for your files will be Dana when you are using an NAU lab computer, but you must make sure to always save your work to your desktop or My Documents folder before you start working. This will prevent your files from being lost if something should happen during your session. 

Additionally, if you want to manually set up access to the Dana server on your home computer, please visit Dana File Storage and Web Hosting.

After you leave the university, your Dana account will be removed after 240 days. You will receive an email when there are approximately two weeks left on this 240 day grace period. If you believe that your Dana account is being deleted in error, send an email or call the Student Technology Center so that we can work with you to determine if your access should be maintained.


A Dana (Z:) drive is available to anyone who is a student.

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