Environmental Monitors

Available To: Staff

Environmental conditions, status, network traffic, and other information in the designated areas are available for monitoring. The links below will open in a new window. 

Temperature and Humidity for  ITS locations

---  Environmental Monitor Graphs

--- ITS/NTS Bldg #54 Monitor

System Status Monitor  (What's Up) 

---  View the Up/Down status of hosts, routers, and other network devices 

                          Login in as “guest” and leave the password blank.  

 Network Traffic by Building

Sometimes network stats can be confusing or misleading, so see the notes below.


    Descriptions - All of the descriptions seen on the subsequent pages are obtained from the device configuration using SNMP. A few of the descriptions may not be correct.

    % busy - The percent busy calculation is done using the ifSpeed SNMP variable as the maxium possible speed for the interface. If this is not configured correctly in the device, then the percent busy will be incorrect. No statistics have been found to be in error, but the possibility exists.

    Traffic Direction - In or Out always refers to the device interface you are looking at. So 'in' means data coming into the device. 'Out' means data going out of the device to the corresponding network.