Dana - File Storage and Web Hosting

Available To: Students

Students can create web sites at NAU utilizing the Dana server.

How to Request

The Dana server can be used to set up a web page (located at http://dana.ucc.nau.edu/your_userID) or as cloud storage which holds up to 500MB of data. You can connect to Dana to upload your files a number of different ways (all of these methods require that you connect to the NAU VPN first):

  1. Mapping a Network Drive:
    1. Windows
      1. Go to the Start Menu and search for Computer. An icon labeled This PC will appear. Select it.
      2. Next Select Map network drive from the Computer ribbon at the top of the window.
      3. Select the drive letter you would like, and for the folder, type in \\dana.ucc.nau.edu\yourUserID. For convenience, you can leave Reconnect at sign-in checked to avoid having to go through these steps every time. Also be sure to check the Connect using different credentials checkbox. Click Finish.
      4. On the next screen, enter the following for your logon information:
        • User name: NAU\yourUserID
        • Password: your NAU password
      5. Click OK and your Dana drive should appear. Simply drag-and-drop files to it like a hard drive on your computer.
    2. Mac
      1. From the Finder, select the Go menu at the top of the screen, then select Connect to server...
      2. For the Server Address type in smb://dana.ucc.nau.edu/yourUserID. Click Connect.
      3. Make sure that Registered User is checked. For the logon information, type in:
        • Name: NAU\yourUserID
        • Password: your NAU password 
        • For convenience, you can select Remember this password in my keychain.

    3. To connect to your website storage (Webhome or W: drive), substitute the following folder name (Windows) or server address (Mac) in the above instructions:
      • Windows: \\dana.ucc.nau.edu\webhome
      • Mac: smb://dana.ucc.nau.edu/webhome

  2. FTP Client
    1. Below is the following information that you will need in order to connect to Dana from an FTP client:
      • Server Address: dana.ucc.nau.edu
      • Protocol: SFTP
      • Port: 22
      • User name: YourUserID
      • Password: Your NAU password
    2. Alternatively, you can download the CoreFTP program (Windows-only) which contains all of the server information pre-configured. You will just need to enter your NAU User ID and password in order to connect.
    3. Mac computers can also use the Fetch FTP client.

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