Computer Purchases at Discount for Personal Use

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

  NAU Employees and Students can take advantage of a number of different programs for personal (non-institutional) purchases of personal computers at educational discount prices:

  • The University Bookstore provides a variety of computers and accessories for sale with the advantages of personal service and the opportunity to get hands-on demos.
  • To shop Dell computer products online for personal purchases create a log-on at the Dell NAU Employee Purchasing Page.    This program is also valid for Students and Alumni.
  • To shop Apple products online for personal purchases, visit the Apple Store and then click on the Store tab at the top of the Apple home page. At the bottom of the Store page, under More Stores, click on the Education link. Apple Educational pricing is valid for Faculty, Staff and Students.
ITS does not provide service or support for personally owned computing equipment.