Available To: Faculty, Staff

Note: The Communité voice mail system is being phased out and will be used only by auto attendants and Automated Call Distribution (ACD).

The Communité voice mail system manufactured by Interactive Intelligence has a telephone interface to manage the mailbox.

You can access your mailbox by dialing your phone number and when you hear the greeting press * (star), then enter your passcode and press # (pound sign).

You may also dial the voicemail system number : (928) 523-6225.

The web browser interface allows users to:

  • view a list of voicemails showing the originating phone number if available, length and date/time received,
  • play, reply, forward and delete voicemails or return a local call,
  • create personal contacts and groups,
  • control and view presence management ("available" and "out of town", etc.).

Did you know:

You can use "dial by name" while you are logged into your voice mail box and leave a message for another user on our voice mail system?

After you log into your voice mail box press 4 and then press 2 for "dial by name" and input the first 4 letters of that persons last name. The system will give you name options and you can press the corresponding number. You can return a local call from your voice mail box or the web interface (you will need speakers).



How to Request

 Before you can use your Communite mailbox you must set up your mailbox by phone.

Support Information

Forgot your password or need other voicemail assistance? Please contact or  You can also call us at 3-7474.