What Affiliates Need to Know and Do

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

Certain policies, guidelines, and information define, govern, and inform how and what affiliates can do with the services provided.

NAU Data Access Policy 

Email Usage Policy 

Network Acceptable Use Policy for Staff 

Network Acceptable Use Policy for Students 

Safe Working and Learning Policy 

How to Request

How to Request LOUIE Security Access for an Affiliate

  1. Complete the Required FERPA Training.
  2. Read the NAU Data Access Policy.
  3. See the LOUIE Security Reference for a list and description of roles.
  4. Complete the security request form, available as a Word file or a PDF file.
  5. For help on filling out the form go to Security Form Help.
  6. Print page 2 of the security form.
  7. Sign it, and have your Sponsor or Contact sign it.
  8. Route your completed form to the correct department for data steward sign-off. If requesting access from multiple areas, pick one to begin the routing. Routing instructions can be found on the form.

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