Who/What is an Affiliate?

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

An affiliation is a general term that can include any number of relationships with NAU across the spectrum from completely informational to formal employment.  A principal affiliation further defines the nature of the relationship. 

Examples of such affiliations include:• Adjunct Faculty

  • AWC NAU-Yuma
  • Researchers (Arboretum, USGS, etc.)
  • Auditor General
  • Cline Library
  • Four Corners Math Science Program
  • Park Ranger Program
  • Emeriti
  • Retirees
  • Visiting Professor
  • Vista Access

Complete list of Northern Arizona University affiliations 

Each principal affiliation will be assigned a default set of IT services.  Additional services may be granted on a case-by-case basis when justified.  Please review the categories and services available.

How to Request

How to Request a Renewal/New Affiliate

If you are a sponsor or contact and need to request or renew affiliate status, you can do it online with proper authorized LOUIE security access or via printed form. Affiliates cannot added or renew themselves. It must be done by the affiliate sponsor or contact.

How to Request a New Affiliation Type

If your believe that a new affiliation type should be added to the current list, you can do this by:
  1. Please verify that an affiliation type does not already exist by checking the complete list of approved affiliations
  2. Read the University Affiliation/Affiliate Policy.
  3. Complete the University Affiliation Type Request form. For help completing the form, see page 2 of the form. This process can take 4-6 weeks for President's Cabinet approval so be sure to plan the proper amount of time to process your request.
  4. Return the completed form to the Affiliate Management Office.  Routing instructions can be found on the form.

Related Services

Available to studentsAvailable to facultyAvailable to staff

Access to information, requests for support, and services for affiliates of Northern Arizona University.

Training & Documentation

List of all affiliations, codes, and categories.