Remote Desktop Services

Available To: Faculty, Staff

Remote Desktop graphic

The Remote Desktop Services deploy Windows-based applications to computing devices across the campus. 

Several users can work simultaneously on the Remote Desktop Services; each user only sees their individual session and is independent of any other user logged on to the Remote Desktop Services.  The application software is executed on the server and only the keyboard, mouse and video is transmitted over the network.   

The Remote Desktop Services servers are installed with the following applications:

  • Adobe Reader X
  • Flash Player Plugins (for Firefox and IE)
  • CoreFTP
  • Java
  • Office 2010 (entire suite)
  • Firefox
  • Putty
  • TextPad
  • WinSCP
  • SQL Management Studio
  • Oracle SQL plus 

This assortment of software enables users to do their word processing, database entry, web development, check their email, etc., either at their office or from a remote location.

To Use This Service, You Will Need

Access to the NAU Terminal Services is enabled for everyone with an NAU domain account including faculty, staff and affiliates.

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Training & Documentation

Remote Desktop.  This episode of Tech Time covers Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop allows for a user to log into a computer (like your office computer) from a computer in another location (like from home or in a lab on campus).

Lists the benefits of using remote desktop to meet everyday computing requirements. Departments can save money and reduce maintenance. Individual users can access their files and printers.