FERPA Online Training

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) information page provides what you need to know about privacy and review of educational and financial records.

The Online FERPA Training Application provides a way for faculty and staff to become familiar with their and students' rights and responsibilities under FERPA.

If you need access to any FERPA sensitive materials or data, you must complete the Online FERPA Training Application and corresponding test.  Personnel who would need to take this training and test include, but not limited to, faculty, staff, and student workers.

For help with questions regarding student financial aid, contact the NAU Office of Student Financial Aid: Financial.Aid@nau.edu or (928)523-4951.

For help with questions regarding student records, contact the NAU Registrar's Office: Registrar@nau.edu or (928)523-2109.

For help with all other questions, contact the NAU Office of Student Life: Student.Life@nau.edu or (928)523-5181.

Finally, if you'd like to read more about FERPA, visit the federal entity for this law at Family Policy Compliance Office.

Support Information

To report any issues using the FERPA app, please submit a ServiceNow ticket.

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