ITS Consolidation

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In an effort aimed at improving services and lowering costs, NAU embarked on a consolidation of ITS resources, infrastructure, and personnel in the spring of 2015. In addition to the creation of a centralized classroom and desktop support team, a centralized computer purchasing office was organized, and in the autumn of 2015, the ITS organization itself was restructured to incorporate the previously heterogeneous entities spread across various departments and colleges at the university.

The process involved consultations with experts and other universities, interdepartmental exchanges, and a thorough analysis of existing classroom and desktop support, purchasing of hardware, software, and services, and operations and infrastructure. More than 330 positions were reviewed, with 50 of those either moved into the ITS organization or planned for moves to be completed in the coming year. Some employees with positions that are both specialized and critical to current operations will remain in place to be transitioned into ITS in the future. The remaining 281 positions were not consolidated because they focus on business processes specific to their domains and would yield no improvements to efficiency moved into the ITS structure. The administrative completion of the personnel reassignments is expected by mid-March, 2016, with the full transition to finish over the summer break.

Through standardization of classroom equipment, computer configurations, and the teams that support desktops and classrooms, reliability will improve, and when problems or changes do occur, the uniform approach will ensure that all classrooms and offices will be upgraded in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, by restructuring the functional working groups within ITS, we will get a greater return from our technology in general.

More detail on the process is available at President Cheng's Web page.



Spring 2016
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