Trying to Share Huge Files? Here's How.

Dude leaning on a floppy 350

Occasionally,  NAU faculty, staff or students need to share files with external organizations that are too large to attach to an email.  How should you share your research results with a colleague at another university,  or submit reporting to a regulatory agency, or share your video project with collaborators outside of NAU? 

BBLearn’s Content Collection feature allows you to upload large files to an NAU secured web service, create “Passes’ that enable selective access to those files and then email a pass to anyone with an email address.  When your recipient accesses the pass, their communication with BBLearn is encrypted to ensure data security in transit. 

Our Professional Learning and Development team has built a new TechTime video demonstrating how to share large files.

All the steps are also documented step-by-step on our web site.

Spring 2016
2/9/2016 10:01:50 AM