About Passwords: A Critical Reminder


You have likely heard that it is important to choose a strong password; letters and numbers, upper and lower case, at least eight characters long, or better yet, a passphrase that is quite long but easy for you to remember. There are some other critical password issues that are worth a reminder:

  • Don’t share your username and password with anyone!
  • Remember that YOU are responsible for activities that occur using your account information.

For example, if you share your account information with someone, that person could download music or movies illegally. Then you will be legally responsible for the activity.

Another activity that we still see on a regular basis is people responding to phishing emails with their account information. ITS will never ask you to send account information via email! Don’t send your account information upon such a request. Additionally, don’t respond in any way. A response lets the attacker know that your email address is valid and that is valuable information that you want to keep to yourself.

Spring 2013
1/29/2013 2:57:57 PM