MyNAU Improvements Made...Thanks to You!

MyNAU Screen Shot

Last December, the Portal Steering Committee distributed an online survey to all NAU employees to gather feedback about the newly designed MyNAU, the university’s centralized portal where many NAU services are located. Faculty, staff, and student workers were asked to list any changes they would like to see made to MyNAU, to recommend new online services or tools for inclusion in the portal, and to make suggestions regarding improvements to MyNAU. Thanks to all of the employees and student workers who responded to the survey, ITS is now implementing many improvements that will make accessing online resources needed for work at NAU easier and more efficient.

Literally hundreds of suggestions were made, and some changes have already been put into place, while others are in the planning and development stages. Those employees who once were students at NAU, but are not a current or recent student, can now customize their MyNAU Homepage by deleting the Student Center if they choose to do so. Changes have been made to the pop-up windows to make them accessible to screen readers, and soon all users of MyNAU will be able to collapse sections of a portal page if they don’t want to see the information all the time by simply clicking on a minimize button. This should help eliminate any perception that the pages are cluttered, and prevent the need for scrolling in order to see information at the bottom of the page.

More help in learning how to navigate and customize pages is on the way too. Help pages are being updated to ensure employees know they can click on the – GO TO – drop-down menu in the upper right corner for easy access to LOUIE (Peoplesoft) and Bb Learn. There are also links to the main NAU Homepage, Search NAU, and the NAU Index under GO TO. Announcements will soon display a MyNAU Tip of the Day, such as how to locate the tools needed to customize and personalize MyNAU. This information can currently be found by clicking on the gear icon in the top navigation bar. To find help with Calendar subscriptions, or  how to get started using MyNAU, just click on the question mark at the very top of any page.

New content is being added as well. In the near future, employees and students will be able to view the Flagstaff Interactive Campus map right in MyNAU, and additional resources that employees use most often will be included by adding them to the Faculty/Staff Links. Frequently used applications such as Enterprise Reporting will be given easier access, and the portal will continue to be improved for use on mobile devices.

While MyNAU is used more often by students, it can also be a valuable resource for employees at NAU. With your feedback and active participation, it will be continually improved. If you or anyone in your department is interested in developing a department-specific resource in MyNAU, review the Portlet Design Guidelines to help get you started, and then contact the ITS Enterprise Web Team for additional support. 

Thanks to your support, participation, and feedback, MyNAU will continue to improve as a one-stop point of access to the resources you need to do your job at NAU.

Spring 2012
2/4/2012 12:13:26 PM