New Campus Communication with Lync

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This Friday, the 10th of February beginning at 5pm, the ITS Windows Server Group (MENSA) will replace our campus-wide Office Communications Server with the more modern and capable, Microsoft Lync Server. The new Lync Server is backward compatible with the older Office Communicator client software, so customers using the existing Office Communicator client (including enterprise voice customers) will be able to continue to work once the new  Lync server is online. 

Next week, MENSA will begin automatically replacing Office Communicator and LiveMeeting on domain-joined Windows XP and Windows 7 computers with the new Lync client (the new Lync Client includes Online Meeting functionality previously provided by LiveMeeting). The updated files will be sent to workstations in the background while you work, but the changes won’t take effect until the next system restart. Clients will be able to postpone the restart to a time that is convenient for them.

Here's what's new in Lync

Macintosh users and Windows users whose machines are not connected to the NAU domain will not be updated automatically. Next week, after the new Lync Server is online, those users can download the updated Lync client from the ITS Software downloads page. Clients can install the update themselves or call our solution center at 3-1511 for assistance. 

For the Macintosh, the Lync Client is a component of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.  Mac users interested in using Lync should ensure that they have that version of Office installed before installing the Lync client.

There is a great deal of information on using the new Lync client  on the ITS web site.  Visit the ITS homepage  and search for “Lync” in the ITS search box under the yellow bar on the right-hand side.

We know you'll enjoy using the enhanced functionality of Lync.


Spring 2012
2/9/2012 12:57:52 PM