Centrally Supported Data Encryption Services: More protection with Same Easy Use


The Information Security Group often receives requests to provide a recommended encryption program. We have been hesitant to make such recommendations until we can help to manage the programs and ensure that client data is recoverable. We now have such a solution for Windows-based machines, and after prototyping it within ITS, we are reading to roll out the solution to the campus. We are currently in a pilot phase and will be ready to encrypt hard drives of systems running Windows 7 sometime this spring. 

The use of this program is highly recommended for individuals with laptops and those with desktops that might contain sensitive data.

This service is built into the Windows 7 platform and does not require the end user to purchase an additional license. However, it does require some lower level technical setup. The IS group will be working with PC Support and the IT Professionals on campus to ensure as smooth of an implementation as possible. We have been using the services ourselves, and once the install has been completed there is no additional activity that you need to take. The program runs in the background.

Mac users have not been forgotten. While there is built in encryption functionality with Macs, it is not something that we can centrally manage or support. Therefore, we are continuing to work with Sophos on a full disk encryption service for Macs. Look for more information on Mac encryption later this spring.

Spring 2012
2/13/2012 3:39:01 PM