Computer Purchasing Advice


Last month, ITS and the Contracting and Purchasing Services Department issued joint advice to wait until May or June on computer purchases based on the expected expiration of our Dell contract. That situation has changed. NAU is now extending its Windows computing contract with Dell for another year. This means that, with one exception below, campus departments can now comfortably proceed with intended computer purchases as soon as they are ready. 

Thin Client Exception:   ITS is in the process of determining and recommending a thin client solution for very basic, standard computing applications at NAU. Thin clients might be suitable for labs, counter systems, and basic administrative systems that do not need to run any unique software and that are fine with the standard NAU image. That image provides a standard Windows computing environment including web browsing and Microsoft Office. 

ITS will have the thin client recommendation ready by May. Departments that wish to save money by purchasing thin clients where applicable should still wait on that portion of their purchase until then. 

Bulk Buys:  Our current contract with Dell allows for further discounts on bulk buys of similarly configured systems in amounts of 30 or more. ITS has proposed a mainstream and a budget configuration that many campus departments can use so that they might qualify for further discounts. Those configurations have been entered on the Dell Premier ordering site available through the Purchasing Department’s computer buying web page.

Additionally, custom-configured systems may be purchased in bulk as well in quantities of 30 or more similarly configured systems.  Those purchases need to be coordinated with Dell in advance. If you have any questions concerning this advice, or would like consultation regarding computer purchases, or would like to coordinate a bulk buy including by combining smaller groups of computers into a larger order, please contact Ricky Roberts at (928) 523-6950 or through e-mail.


Spring 2011
8/12/2011 3:58:21 PM