Changes Coming to Wireless at NAU Mountain Campus

WiFi symbol

In order to improve the convenience of accessing and using secure wireless, ITS will implement changes to wireless access on the Mountain campus starting September 19 through September 26. This change is the result of feedback received in the faculty and staff survey conducted in the spring of 2011. Much of the feedback stated that accepting the wireless splash page terms and conditions and connecting to the NAU VPN was too cumbersome.

Academic and administrative buildings in the Central campus will be changed on September 19, followed by changes to similar buildings in the North campus on September 21 and to buildings in the South campus on September 26. This will be implemented in all academic and administrative buildings that currently display the splash page. The few remaining administrative buildings with the older legacy wireless technology will not be affected. Resident halls have already had similar changes to their wireless networks and will not be affected by this implementation.

When a building is converted you will no longer see the current SSIDs that include the building number, for example NAU-B17-B and NAU-B17-G. These will be replaced by new SSIDs, NAU-Public and NAU-Secure. These new SSIDs will be the same in all affected buildings following the changes.

NAU-Public will still support 802.11b and 802.11g wireless clients and is primarily intended for guests without NAU network access credentials. This network is not secure so use of VPN access is strongly encouraged. Terms and conditions of a splash page will still need to be accepted each time this network is accessed.

NAU-Secure will only support 802.11g wireless clients and can only be accessed by those with NAU network access credentials. A splash page will not be presented and VPN access will not be required to access NAU network resources. The first time you connect you will be asked to supply your login credentials and possibly asked to accept a security certificate. After this your communications are secured with encryption.  Subsequent access in any building with this network will not require logging in again until your password expires.

Older laptops running the Windows XP operating system may have problems connecting to the NAU-Secure network but should connect to the NAU-Public network instead, which will remain as it was before the changes. For support, faculty and staff should call the Solution Center at 523-1511, and students should call the Student Technology Center at 523-9294.


Fall 2011
9/12/2011 12:12:46 PM