What the ITS Survey Has Meant for You


In late 2009 ITS conducted its first campus-wide survey designed to be a comprehensive look at IT services. The survey provided benchmarks, initial service metrics, and an overall evaluation, and we were proud to find that 82% of the 540 NAU faculty and staff respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with ITS support for the NAU mission. However, our prime goal was to improve wherever possible, and specific results varied above and below that level. Among the improvements ITS implemented as a result of your 2009 input—ITS moved its newsletter to online delivery in early 2010. Here are some others:

  1. ITS began designing its website renovation concurrently with the rollout of the new campus web content management system.
  2. A new LOUIE professional development training series was initiated, with very good feedback.
  3. ITS continued to explore improved communication and collaboration initiatives.
  4. ITS continued to explore greater exposure of available training opportunities.
  5. ITS continued to improve existing support for Apple users. 

We then conducted our second annual survey in early 2011. The overall satisfaction results remained consistent at 83%. Once again, we are in the process of using the feedback from 922 respondents to either justify or modify our strategic decisions and to make suggested service improvements. Among the improvements ITS had already begun, in work as a result of your 2011 input, and continued work from the 2009 survey:

  1. The web page renovation will go live in August 2011 consistent with the new NAU web design. It will have a serviced-based approach that should make our information easier to find and use. 
  2. A renovation of the MyNAU portal will go live for the Fall semester 2011.
  3. The online newsletter will be more frequent and less lengthy.   
  4. ITS aggressively remediated wireless coverage and will begin a request for proposal initiative to upgrade campus wireless to 802.11n.
  5. ITS facilitated and shared payment of a licensing program for Apple operating systems and desktop software. We are exploring implementation of imaging support in the coming year. 
  6. There is a wide variety of online training available to supplement our classroom training for such things as our web certificate and our rapidly dwindling attendance for more basic courses. 
  7. ITS is providing technical support for enterprise projects such as conversion of the Advantage financial system to Oracle financials, completion of the ePlanning project, upgrade of the Grants and Contracts software, and a coming upgrade to our LOUIE PeopleSoft system. 

ITS would like to thank those of you who helped us by providing input to our surveys. All of the results from both surveys are available for your review.  


Fall 2011
8/23/2011 9:57:27 AM