View My Advisors

During your career at Northern Arizona University, you will be assigned an advisor, whose job is to assist you when choosing which classes to take for your chosen program, and to assist you in meeting all the requirements for that program. You can find out who your advisor is and how to contact them by using the Advisor area of your LOUIE Student Center.

Click on the word details in the Advisor area of your LOUIE Student Center (figure 1). You will find it in the right hand column of the page.

Figure 1

LOUIE Student Center Advisor Tab

The View My Advisors page will display your advisor under the Name column. If you have more than one advisor because you have a double major, for instance, you will see more than one advisor's name in this column on the page. You will also see a column for Committee Name, such as HRM Advisement Center (figure 2), your Career, and the Program you have declared. In this example, the student's Career is Undergraduate in the Consortium of Professional Schools Program.

Figure 2

My Advisors Page

Your advisor can also be found in the LOUIE Channel in MyNAU. Click on the link for advisors (figure 3).

Figure 3

My NAU Student Center Advisors Link

If you wish to contact your advisor, you can look up their phone number and email address in the NAU Directory at MyNAU


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