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Business Process: Creating a Voucher

Voucher build is a batch process used to create vouchers from transactions sent from the HR/CMS PeopleSoft system for payroll vendors and student refunds, as well as quick invoices entered into the PS Financials system.  Depending on the transaction type, voucher build will have to be run daily, bi-weekly or monthly.  The originator of the transactions will communicated with Accounts Payable how many vouchers are too be created and the total monetary amount of the transactions.  Once voucher build has completed successfully, budget check will be run on the vouchers and a pay cycle will be run to cut payments.

Voucher Build

  • Accounts Payable>Batch Process>Vouchers>Voucher Build

Voucher Build Request


Choose “Add a New Value”

Run Control ID: UserID and a short description of the process.  Use “_” instead of spaces. 


Note:  A new value only needs to be added the first time the process is run.  The run control ID can be found by searching on the “Find an Existing Value” tab.  All run control parameters will be saved under the run control ID used.

 Voucher Build Tab

Request ID: 1

Description:  Type of voucher build being run (Payroll, Student or Quick Invoice)

Proces Option: Business Unit

Voucher Sources: New Voucher Data

Business Unit:  The business unit of the source transactions.  (APY01 – Payroll, SFY01 – Student, NAUBU – Quick Invoice.)

Voucher Build Interface:  Payroll Interafce is used for both Payroll and Student, choose Quick Invoice for quick invoice transcations.

Publish Voucher Messages: Check this box


 Process Scheduler Request

Server Name: PSUNX

Select the checkbox next to Voucher Build


Process Messages

  • Accounts Payable>Batch Process>Vouchers>Voucher Build (Process Messages tab)

 Process Messages


Refresh Log

Note:  The line “New voucher to be processed =…” should match the amount of vouchers sent from Payroll, Student or the amount of Quick Invoices that have been created.

 Process Messages

Refresh Log

Choose the arrow buttons at the top of the screen to go back and forth through the messages as the process completes.

The process is complete when the “Successfully posted generated file to the report repository.



Additional Information:                                                     

Vouchers are created with 3 types of Status:

  • Pre-edit - errors are caused by problems in the voucher header such as Business Unit, Vendor or Origin.  These vouchers are processed and can be changed/viewed in Quick Invoice. Navigation: Accounts Payable>Vouchers>Add/Update>Quick Invoice Entry
  • Recycle – errors created on the lines of a vouchers such as invalid chart of accounts or shipt to information.  These vouchers are process as regular vouchers and can be changed/viewed in Add/Update Vouchers.  Navigation:  Acounts Payable>Vouchers>Add/Update
  • Postable – these vouchers have been created with no errors and can be budget checked and processed for payment.

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