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Business Process: Creating a new Item Category for a PO

In order for requesters to order goods/services they must choose the appropriate Item Category on the requisition.  If there is no category to fit the needs of the goods/services they are ordering a new item category will need to be setup and put in a catalog.

Item Categories:

  • Items>Define Controls>Item Categories

Item Categories

SetID: NAU00

Category: Type the new item category number up to 18 characters.  If possible, use the most relevant NIGP code.  Otherwise choose a number that would not overlap/interfere with the NIGP number scheme.  Also, characters can be used if it is necessary to distinguish the category from all others.


Category Definition

Market Code: User Defined

Effective Date: Defaults to today’s date.  If necessary, change to the earliest date this category could be used on a transaction.

Status: Active

Description: Type a description of the item category up to 60 characters.

Short Description: Type a short description of the item category up to 10 characters.  This does not have to be a unique value.

Primary Buyer:  Choose the Purchasing Services Buyer that has oversight of this item category

Currency: USD
Account:  Choose the expense account that is most appropriate for this category. 

Asset Profile ID:  If this item is a Non Capital or Capital asset, choose the most appropriate asset profile.

Usage Code:  Choose the correct usage code (Exempt, Taxable or Research).  Choosing Exempt or Research will not allow tax to be calculated on this category.

Physical Nature:  Choose Goods or Services.

Where Performed:  If Services was chosen for Physical Nature, choose where the service is performed from the drop down.

Category Definition 2 Tab

Category Definition 2

Unit Price Tolerance Over: 9999999.99000

Unit Price Tolerance Under: 9999999.99000

% Unit Price Tolerance Over: 10.00

% Unit Price Tolerance Under: 20.00

Ext Price Tolerance Over: 9999999.99000

Ext Price Tolerance Under: 9999999.99000

% Ext Price Tolerance Over: 20.00

% Ext Price Tolerance Under: 20.00

Receiving Required: Defaults to “Required”, choose “Do Not” from the drop down if receiving is not required for this category.

Qty Recvd Tolerance %: 10.00




Update Catalog Tree

Parent Category:  Choose the most appropriate catalog for the Item Category. 

DEPT_GEN_CTLG – Items that must be under $5K to be order on a DPT requisition.

UNR – Unrestricted items that can be up to $25K and not need Purchasing Oversight.  Can be ordered on a DPT requisition.

PUR_GENERL_CATLG – Items that must have Purchasing Oversight and can only be ordered on a PUR requisition.

Catalog Refresh

Select the checkbox next to the catalog




  • The PUR catalog is not viewable when creating a DPT requisition.
  • When creating a DPT requisition there is code built in the allow ordering over $5K if the item is in the Unrestricted catalog.

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