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Business Process: PO – Changing Use to Sales Tax

After a Purchase Order has been created it may be necessary to change from the defaulted use tax to sales tax for all lines. This can be done after selecting the Purchase Order from the Manage Purchase Orders screen.
Maintain Purchase Order :
     >Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Add/Update POs

      Purchase Order

Schedule Icon


Sched Sales/Use Tax Icon

      Sales/Use Tax Information for Schedule 1
Tax Destination: Change of the Ship to Location needs to be updated
Tax Applicability: Change to “Sales Tax Applicable”
Tax Code: Select the appropriate sales tax code
Calculate SUT

       Total Tax

Verify the correct sales tax is being calculated

      Return to Main Page

Return to Main Page

      click ok


      Purchase Order

Select the “Freight/Tax/Misc;” hyperlink

       PO Total Amount Details

Verify the correct Tax is being charged

      Purchase Order

Select Add or Edit Comments

      Use Standard Comments

Select Use Standard Comments

      Standard Comments

Comment Type: Select the appropriate group of comments
Comment ID: Select the comment

      PO Header Comments

Select “Send to Vendor” checkbox

       Purchase Order

Select the green check box next to PO Status to approve


A requisition has been created, approved, budget checked and has been sourced to a Purchase Order. The Purchase Order has been selected through Manage Purchase Orders.

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