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Business Problem

All change requests and cancellations are being processed directly on the PO.  This is circumventing electronic tracking of change requests, is inefficient and creates a heavy workload for the buyers.


Initiate change requests from the ePro requisition and process them to the Purchase Order.


Example 1 - Increasing a PO amount

To initiate the change request, edit the requisition.

      edit requisition

Click OK on the message indicating approval will be restarted.

      Click ok

To change the price, click on the line item description.

      testing change requests link

In this example, change the price from $100 to $150

     Change the price

Click on the budget check which will now be enabled.


A message will appear regarding budget checking this increase will submit your changes to be submitted for approval. Click OK.

 Budge Check Message

Now save and submit the requisition for approval. 

      Save and Submit

 The approver expands the “change request lines” to view the “change request details”.  Then they can approve the requisition.

      Requisition Approval

After the approver has approved the requisition; the requestor/buyer will receive an email prompting them to approve the change order.  Change orders on DPT requisitions will be approved by the established departmental requisition approver.  Change orders on PUR requisitions will be approved by the Purchasing Buyer.  PUR change orders will need to have supporting backup sent to the Buyer for the file.


Requestors will also receive the regular approval email

     Regular approval email

After receiving the email the requestor/buyer will navigate to the worklist and open the change request or navigate directly to eProcurement > Buyer Center > Approve Change Requests. 

      approve change request

After opening the “approve change request” page, change the approval status to “Approved” and save the page.

      Approve change request

After approving the PO change request, the change order process will be run during these specific times; 7:30am, 9:30, 11:30, 1:30pm and 3:30.

After processing the change order, the PO is updated.  The PO will need to be budget checked and dispatched again.

      updated PO

Example 2 - Processing Cancellations

The examples below demonstrate how to cancel a PO directly from the ePro requisition.

Cancel the requisition line on the manage requisitions page.

      Cancel requisition

Click OK


The requester/buyer will navigate to “approve change requests” to approve the cancellation.

      click ok

Approve the cancellation by changing the approval status to “Approved” and saving the page.

      approve change request

At this point the change process will run automatically, and the cancellation will be applied to the purchase order. 

      Purchase Order

After budget checking and dispatching the PO, and running the PO close process, the PO will be closed.

      Closed PO

Note, you may also review cancellations by clicking the change request link on the manage requisition page

      Change request link

Review the change request.

      review change request

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