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Business Process: Adding a Payroll Vendor

After bi-weekly payroll is complete it is necessary to pay Payroll Vendors for items that are withheld from paychecks, such as benefits or garnishments.  In order for Accounts Payable to process payment for these vendors they must be setup in PS Financials under the APY01setID.

Add/Update Vendor:

Vendors>Vendor Information>Add/Update>Vendor

Add a New Value

SetID: Regular vendor APY01

Vendor ID: This will NOT default to the next available ID.  After looking at the list of the current IDs, type in the next available. 

Persistence:  Regular

 Identifying Information

Vendor Name 1: Vendor legal name, up to 40 characters

Vendor Name 2: Vendor DBA name, up to 40 characters

Vendor Short Name: Shortened vendor name, up to 10 characters

Classification:  Choose HCM from the drop down menu

HCM Class:  Choose the appropriate class

Persistence: Defaults to Regular

Vendor Status: Defaults to Approved

Withholding:  Ensure this is checked if this is vendor is eligible for withholdings

Open For Ordering:  Ensure this is checked.

ID Numbers

    Type: TIN or W2         ID Number: 9 Digit ID number

Standard Industrial Classification Codes

    SIC Type: NAU   SIC Code: Choose the appropriate business purpose

Additional Reporting Elements

    Type of Contractor: Choose the appropriate Entity Type, such as LLC, Corporation, Non-Profit, etc.

    Other Types:  Check Emerging Small Business, Women-Owned Business, Veteran or Disabled if appropriate (Minority Owned Business if denoted on the Location Tab)

Add/Update Vendor Address:

Vendor Address

Description: A description of the type of address.  Such as Purchasing or Remit.  If the vendor only has one address for Purchasing and Remit, the description should be “Main.”

Effective Date: Defaults to today’s date.  Update to the first date this vendor may be used on a transaction. 

Country: Defaults to USA

Address 1: First line of address, up to 55 characters.

Address 2: Second line of address, up to 55 characters.

City: Address city, up to 30 characters

Postal: Postal code        

State: Two letter state code

Email ID: Any email that is specific to this address

Phone Information

    Type: Business Phone   Telephone: Type the phone number, area code first, with no spaces or punctuation.

“+”: Choose to add another phone number or fax line.


Note: Choosing the “+” at the Vendor Address level will allow a separate address to be setup for the vendor.

Add/Update Vendor Contacts:

Vendor Contacts

Description: Description of the contact, such as Primary Contact

Effective Date: Defaults to today’s dated, update to the first date this contact is available.

Type: Choose the appropriate type of contact

Name: Contact name

Title: Contact Title

Address: Choose an address setup in the earlier step.  Because the vendor has not yet been saved, type the address number if there is nothing in the lookup.

Internet: Website for the company or specific to the contact, must include http://

Email ID: Contact Email

Phone Information: This will default from the address chosen, update if different for the contact

Add/Update Vendor Location:

Vendor Location

Location: 1  (Payroll vendors can only have 1 location.  If they need multiple locations, another vendor must be created.)

Description: Be as descriptive as possible of the information that is being gathered for this location.  (Example:  Vendor is University of Arizona, Location 1 is Registrar’s Office, Location 2 is Biology Department, Location 3 is Purchasing Services, etc.)

Effective Date: Defaults to today’s date, update to the first date this location may be used on a transaction.


Note: If this vendor has multiple purchase and remit address, the “+” can be used to define multiple locations.  The “Default” check box should only be used on the main location.

Payables Link:

Payables Options

Invoicing Address:  Defaults to address 1.  If needed change to another address sequence number

Remit Address:  Defaults to address 1.  If needed change to another address sequence number

Additional Payment Information

    Payment Method Options:  If NAU will pay the vendor using a method other than check, select “Specify”

    Payment Method:  Choose the appropriate payment method.

 Vendor Bank Accounts and Vendor Types 

Vendor Bank Accounts - If NAU will pay the vendor using a method other than check, complete the vendors banking information.

    Description: Description of the Bank or type of account specific to this Location

    Country: Defaults to USA, select appropriate country for foreign banks

    Bank Name: Legal name of the vendor’s Bank

    Branch Name: Vendor’s bank branch name or location

    Bank ID Qualifier: 001, United States Bank (Other options will be available if another country is chosen above)

    Account Type: Choose the appropriate bank account type, such as checking or savings.

    Bank ID: Use bank ID if given or transit/routing number

    Bank Account Number: Vendor’s bank account number

    DFI Qualifier: 01, Transit Number

    DFI ID: 9 digit transit/routing number

Vendor Types – Select if the vendor has indicated “Minority Owned”

    Preferred Language:ENG


Procurement Options

Ordering/ Pricing /Returning/ Ship From Addresses: Defaults to address 1.  If needed change to another address sequence number

Freight/Payment Terms / Currency/PO Dispatch Options:  If options for this vendor are different than the default values, specify at this level.

Accepts Procurement Card as payment method: Check if appropriate

Procard Dispatch Options: Contact Buyer

Card Type: Visa

Tax Options

Sales/Use Tax Applicability: Select Non Taxable

Ultimate Use Code: Select EXEMPT

Vendors>Vendor Information>Add/Update>Vendor (Location Tab, Global/1099 Withholing Link)

Withholding Vendor Information

Custom Tab:

Custom Tab

Residency: Choose US Citizen, Nonresident Alien performing Services in the U.S. or Nonresident Alien performing services outside of the U.S.

Country of Residence:  If Nonresident, type the country of residence up to 30 characters.

Other Business Purpose:  If the W9 shows Business Purpose as “Other”, specify here.


Additional Information:

In order to ensure duplicate vendors are not entered a warning will be given if the following information is duplicated:

  • TIN Number of another active/inactivated vendor
  • Vendor Name of another active/inactivated vendor
  • Vendor Short Name of another inactivated vendor         
  • Address of another active vendor
  • Vendor withholding TIN of another inactivated vendor
  • Withholding Name of another inactivated vendor



Purchasing Services has received a substitute W9 from the vendor.

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