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Overview of Using Favorites

Click to add the current page to your “Favorites” list for easy accessibility. The “Favorites” list is like your own list of bookmarks to transaction pages that you use frequently. Once you add a favorite, it appears under the “Favorites” menu. You can return to the page by clicking the “Favorites” menu and clicking the link for the page that you want to view.

“Favorites” may be used to easily access saved searches, data entry pages, reports and many other features.

Favorites Search Text Box

Adding Pages to the Favorites Menu

Add pages to the Favorites menu:

  • Open the page that you want to designate as a “Favorite”. (Travel and Expense Center will be the “page” used in the example to designate as a “favorite”).
Favorites Tab
  • Click “Favorites” in the universal navigation header.
  • Then, click “Add to Favorites”.
Add to Favorites Link
  • Update/customize the description for the “Favorite”, if necessary. (The “Add to Favorites” modal window appears, with the page name as the default in the description field.
Customize Favorites Description
  • Click “OK”.
Select OK to Add to Favorites

The “Favorite” is saved and displayed in the “Favorites” menu. Click OK to dismiss the dialog box.

Editing Pages Within the Favorites Menu

On the Edit Favorites page you can re-label favorites, delete favorites, or modify the sequence in which they appear in the “Favorites” menu.

To edit “Favorites”:
  1. Click the "Favorites" menu.
  2. Click "Edit Favorites".
  3. The "Edit Favorites" page appears. displaying a grid with the favorites that you selected. (If there are no favorites currently saved, a message indicates this in place of the "Favorites" grid.)
  4. Locate the "Favorite" that you want to modify, and make your changes.
  • To re-label a favorite, type a new name in the text box.
  • To delete a favorite, click the Delete button associated with it.
  • To re-order favorites, type an appropriate number in the Sequence number box.

    5.  "Save" your changes

Save Edited Favorite

Using the Recently Used Menu

When you visit a page of data entry, it is automatically added to the Recently Used list under the “Favorites” menu. This list is limited to the five most recently visited components.

Note. The recently used data is stored to the list when you leave the component by either clicking on the header or going to a different component.

The system does not update the recently used list if:

  • You close the browser without signing out first.
  • Your session times out.

Accessing Pages from the Recently Used Menu

To access pages from the Recently Used Menu,

  • Click “Favorites”
  • Click the item name.
    • If the component has a search record, the search page appears. Enter search criteria to access the page.
    • If the component has no search record, the page appears without search criteria.
Recently Used Favorites

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