Office 2013

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

Office 2013 is similar to Office 2010, but there are a few key differences and new features.  This page will provide a look at the new features common to all Office 2013 applications.

The File Tab

 Office 2013 File Tab

Like Office 2010, Office 2013 applications have a "File" tab on the far left-hand side of the ribbon.  The menu inside the File tab has changed slightly from Office 2010.  Left-click the "File" tab to open the menu.


 Office 2013 Landing Page 1

The contents of Info are different than they were in Office 2010.  It now contains options to protect a file from unwanted changes, inspect a file for content, and manage different versions of a file.

Save As

 Office 2013 Landing Page 2

The Save As option now contains the option to save to SkyDrive.  NAU ITS does not support SkyDrive, so you should never click this option.  Always save to your computer.


 Office 2013 Landing Page 3

Share is a new File menu option in Office 2013.  It contains options to share a file via email, share it as an online presentation, and send it by instant message.  The options, "Invite People" and "Post to Blog" are not supported by NAU ITS, so these should be ignored.


 Office 2013 Landing Page 4

Export is another new File menu option in Outlook 2013.  This option allows you to export a file as a PDF or XPS document.


 Office 2013 Account Pane

Left-clicking Account in the File menu brings up user account information.  You can check to see if Office is activated, as well as what version you are running, by looking for the area in the Account pane as indicated by the far right-hand red square in the above image.  This pane also allows you to change your Office 2013 background and theme.

Back Button

 Office 2013 Back Button

Finally, the File menu in Office 2013 contains a "Back" button at the top of the menu.  Left-clicking this button will allow you to exit the File menu and go back to the previous application screen.


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