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Long Distance Calling

Long Distance Calling and Cellular Phone Policy for Faculty and Staff

Making personal long-distance calls on NAU phones is prohibited. These calls must be charged to personal calling cards. This policy includes all personal calls on NAU cellular phones. If an emergency long-distance call is made, employees must reimburse the department account for calls at the time of billing. Call types included are in-state and out-of-state calls, calls to information, and all cellular calls.

Long-distance calls on NAU phones must be verified. The method for assuring compliance of this university policy will be left to the discretion of the department or college. Long-distance log sheets may be distributed to individual users for recording phone calls. Those calls may then be checked against the phone bill.

Auditors and NAU personnel periodically check compliance with this policy. Logs must be retained for five years or until the department or college is officially audited.

For more information call Telephone Support at 928-523-7474.

NOTE: The above information is taken from NAU policy of October, 1989 (updated March 1,2008) “Policy On Use Of NAU Telephones For Personal Long Distance Calls” and NAU policy of January 1994 “Use Of Cellular Telephones For Administration, Faculty And Staff”. Read more about NAU's Mobile Phone Policy.

Long Distance Calling for Students

All students need to use their personal cell phone, calling card, or call collect for all long distance service. 


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