View My Enrollment Dates

Enrollment Dates in the LOUIE Student Center lists the dates that you will be allowed to enroll in classes.

You can find your enrollment date located under the Enrollment Dates heading on the right hand side column in your LOUIE.

For more in depth information like the enrollment start time, click on the Details hyperlink located on the right side of the page in your LOUIE Student Center under the Enrollment Dates heading, as shown framed in red, in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 

LOUIE Enrollment Dates

Clicking Details will take you to the Enrollment Dates page. From here you look for your “session” (for Flagstaff NAU campus students, this would be the Mountain Regular Session) and look under the Appointment Begins column to determine your enrollment start time (Figure 2, outlined in red).

From here you can also see the max credits that you are allowed to take without a counselor override shown below outlined in blue.

If you wish to change the term, click on the change term button outlined in green.

Figure 2 

Session times


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