Antivirus Software

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students


Antivirus at NAU

Antivirus software is extremely vital and important because of how unsafe the Internet is. The consequences of not having antivirus software can lead to an overall decrease in a machine's health and even the loss of information. 

As a member of the NAU community, you take part in managing and maintaining the security and privacy of information for the university and for yourself. NAU ITS provides products, services, and learning resources to help you keep your computer and your information secure.

Microsoft Endpoint Protection (Windows Defender) for Faculty and Staff

NAU provides the Microsoft Endpoint Protection also known as Windows Defender for NAU owned machines.

Antivirus for Students

NAU does not currently provide any licensed antivirus products for students. To learn about available options for antivirus for student systems, please refer to our Antivirus Options for students page. 

Antivirus for Home Machines

NAU does not currently provide any licensed antivirus products for home use. To learn more about available options for antivirus for home use from experts in the field, please refer to this page.

Virus & Malware Cleanup

Computer viruses can replicate themselves and infect computers on a network. Some are destructive, others go unnoticed.

"Malware" includes computer viruses, computer worms, Trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware and other malicious and unwanted software that can have any number of adverse affects on your computing experience.

Signs Your Computer is Infected:
  • Computer is running slowly
  • Unexpected messages or error messages
  • Programs starting or stopping automatically
  • Internet browser ( I.E., Firefox and Google Chrome) behavior is unreliable
  • Complaints from others about email messages you didn't send
How to Request Cleanup Assistance

If you suspect a virus or malware is on an NAU-owned computer, please submit a ServiceNow ticket to ITS or contact the ITS Solution Center. 

Students should contact the Student Technology Center if they suspect they have a virus on their computer.

Faculty & Staff: contact the ITS Solution Center: 928-523-1511 or 888-520-7215

Students: contact the Student Technology Center: 928-523-9294 or 888-520-7215