Eligibility Requirements

 To be eligible for CCC2NAU, you must:

-be admitted to Coconino Community College


-be in your last semester of high school, or a current student at Coconino Community College


-intend to obtain a bachelor's degree at Northern Arizona University


-not be a current or former Northern Arizona Student within the last 10 years


-not already hold a bachelor's degree from any school


-still have one full semester remaining at Coconino Community College before transitioning to NAU


-attend a CCC2NAU Info Session in your first semester


-meet with a CCC2NAU advisor in your first semester


-maintain continuous enrollment at Coconino Community College (no more than three semesters out of school)

All new students should set up an in-person appointment if possible. Due to the large amount of information that must be covered, phone appointments are not recommended. 

Please call 928-226-4323 or stop by the Reception Desk in Student Services to schedule an appointment with a CCC2NAU advisor.