Hooper Poster Presentations & Reception Special Event

By Invitation Only

The Office for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity celebrates this year’s Hooper Undergraduate Research Award recipients, with special guest, Dr. Henry O. Hooper, retired NAU associate provost for academic affairs and physics professor emeritus.

Thursday, April 27, 2017
Native American Cultural Center, Building 14, Gathering Room

2016-17 Hooper Undergraduate Research Award (HURA) Recipients

  • Connor Auge: Turbulence and Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies (Mentor: Lisa Chien)
  • Kathryn Barkley: Genetic Characterization of Seagrass in the Saipan Lagoon and its Effect on Community Diversity (Mentor:Russell Benford)
  • Heather Centner: Investigating Plague in Madagascar's Capital after 17 years of No Reported Cases (Mentor:David Wagner)
  • Kevin Gochenour: From Primordial Lagoon to Self-replicating DNA: Analyzing a Proposed Precursor of Modern Nucleobases (Mentor:Gerrick Lindberg)
  • Emily Haworth: Milkweeds for Monarchs Arizona (Mentor: Rich Hofstetter)
  • Peter Herron: A Comparison of Fremont Cottonwood (Populus fremontii) Fungal Endophytes in High and Low Stress Areas near Joshua Tree National Park (Mentor:Catherine Gehring)
  • Adam Hoffmann: Justifying Talc as a Suitable Marker to Search for Biologic Activity (Mentor:David Elliott)
  • Amanda Ketting-Olivier: Tracing the Disruption of the Little Colorado River by Past Eruptions of the San Francisco Volcanic Field (Mentor:Nancy Riggs)
  • Lindsay Klooster: Gender Differences in Resistance to Oxidative Stress (Mentor: Tinna Traustadottir)
  • Ryan Lancione: Understanding Interactions between Switchgrass and N-fixing Bacteria for Sustainable Biofuel Production (Mentor: Nancy Johnson)
  • Christopher McDonell: Transtensional Faulting, Lake Mead, NV: Mapping of Fault Splays Associated with the Transition from Normal to Strike-Slip Faulting (Mentor:Ryan Porter)
  • Heather Mead: Investigating Differential Expression Utilized during the Fungal Morphogenesis of the Attenuated Strain of Coccidioides posadasii (Mentor:Bridget Barker)
  • Ramon Mendoza: Removal of Salt from Sea Water using Carbon Dioxide (Mentor:Michael Lee)
  • Hayden Niehus: Philebus 28a-30d and 55d-67d: Commentary on the Grammar and Vocabulary of Plato on God and the Good (Mentor:George Rudebusch)
  • Trevor Pacion: Uplift, Volcanism, and Mantle Flow of the Colorado Plateau (Mentor:Ryan Porter)
  • Miles Scull: Biosemiotics: The Account of Meaningful Communication in the Natural World (Mentor:Jeffrey Downard)
  • Isaiah Self: Innovative Cost-effective Strategy for Monitoring Zoonotic Diseases to Understand Their Prevalence in Nature (Mentor:Dawn Birdsell)
  • Kiley Sheehan: Chemical Signatures and Implications for the Provenance of the Green River Basin, Wyoming (Mentor: Michael Smith)
  • Cloe Sliva: Comparison of Silicate Minerals from Unusual and Compositionally Extreme Igneous Rocks (Mentor:James Wittke)
  • Alexandra Tyra & Andrew Haynes: Let's Keep It Casual: Comparing Friends with Benefits Relationships to Platonic Friendships (Mentor:Meliksah Demir)
  • Daniel Van Gundy: Post-Eruptive Explosive Hazards of Scoria Cone Volcanoes (Mentor: Nancy Riggs)
  • Brandon VanBibber: Perceptions of Teacher Autonomy in Charter Schools: A Qualitative Study (Mentor:Ishmael Munene)
  • Patrick White: The Future of Natural Regenerating Southwestern White Pines (Mentor:Kristen Waring)
  • Christopher Whitney: Predicting Muscle Force Output of Guinea Fowl during Gaits with Perturbations (Mentor:Kiisa Nishikawa)
  • Christi William: The Physiological Effects of Hydrocarbon and Noise on the Central Auditory Nervous System (Mentors:O'Neil Guthrie & William Culbertson)
  • Brianna Zgurich: Philebus 31a-55b: Commentary on the Grammar and Vocabulary of Plato on the Forms of Pleasure (Mentor:George Rudebusch)