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Trademark uses requiring approval

All uses of NAU’s trademarks on products, regardless of distribution method or intended use, require approval of artwork from the University Trademark Licensing Director,even if the proposed use does not involve sale of the product (e.g., promotional items for conferences or meetings, staff shirts, plaques and awards, uniforms, club/organization shirts, items for giveaways, gifts, etc.)

NAU departments, groups, and registered student organizations may not assign rights or otherwise grant permission to any other entity for use of NAU’s trademarks for any purpose without prior review and approval by NAU’s Trademark Licensing Director.

Requirement to use licensed vendors and manufacturers

All products bearing NAU’s trademarks must be produced by and purchased from companies licensed by Collegiate Licensing Company for Northern Arizona University.

An online search for NAU licensees is available here, or you can contact University Trademark Licensing Director, Erin Bertelsen, at for a list of licensed vendors. Please be certain the vendor you select for your project maintains the proper type of license for your project. See Licensing Agreement section or contact for assistance.

Royalty exempt or royalty required?

In addition to seeking permission for artwork, requests for approval normally fall into two categories, royalty exempt or royalty required.

  • Royalty Required – Any items bearing NAU trademarks being sold or resold for any of the following purposes:
    • Sales to individuals
    • Sales on campus by registered student groups with permits
    • Sales for fundraising projects (a higher royalty will be assessed if the item includes the use of a commercial sponsor’s name or logo on a licensed product)
    • Sales of items carrying a commercial message, sponsor or endorsement (regardless of imprint size)
    • Items used as promotional marketing for an event
    • Items given away at conferences, workshops, clinics or camps that require a registration fee and the price of the item has been included in the fee
    • Items used as giveaways to attendees of special events, booster activities, or for use as fundraisers
  • Royalty Exempt – Any items bearing the NAU trademarks which are ineligible for external resale and intended for internal use only.
    • Items restricted to members of an office, department or recognized student organization and are used as a “uniform” or general department giveaway. These items must be bought with departmental funds and, if sold to the internal audience, must be sold at cost to qualify for royalty exemption.
    • Printed items such as banners and signs without endorsements and commercial messages or sponsorships, unless a company is a corporate sponsor of NAU Athletics and trademark usage is specified in the sponsorship agreement.
    • In addition to seeking approval for use of trademarks and artwork, departments and registered student groups wishing to purchase royalty exempt items should complete the Application for Royalty Exemption (coming soon).
Procedure for approval of trademark use

1. Begin the process early to allow sufficient time for approvals and review.
2. Complete the Internal Request Form (coming soon), describing the project, the proposed design, and the selected vendor you would like to use to produce the items.
3. If needed, complete the Application for Royalty Exemption (coming soon).
4. Email the completed internal request form, application for royalty exemption (if applicable), intended artwork and a quote from the vendor to to begin the review process.
5. Request that your vendor submit official artwork for approval through CLC using the online MyiCLC tool. Internal Request Forms will not be signed until artwork is officially submitted by the vendor.
6. After the review has been completed, we will email a signed copy of the form(s) to the requestor providing official approval for the project, indicating necessary changes, or explaining denied requests.

Approval to use an NAU trademark does not constitute approval for subsequent use on another item, or to change the design in any way without seeking additional approval.  Artwork approvals are intended for singular orders or projects.

Trademark use by student groups

Student groups and organizations that are officially registered with the Office of Student Life and/or recognized by the university may use Northern Arizona University logos and verbiage in their organization’s name logo, materials and products. Artwork must be approved prior to use or production, all design guidelines must be met, and use of NAU trademarks must follow all requirements of the University Trademark Licensing program. Organizations and clubs not registered with the Office of Student Life or those which are not officially recognized by the university are not permitted to use any NAU logos or verbiage.

Uses that may not require approval

Some uses for NAU trademarks may not require prior approval from NAU’s Trademark Licensing Director, including:  Use of NAU’s name or other trademarks in connection with news reporting and other fair uses that do not undermind NAU’s rights to its trademarks. These editorial or communication types of use should be approved by Public Affairs or the Office of the President. For similar uses of athletic trademarks, approval should be obtained from the Associate Athletic Director for External Relations:

Darren D’Attilio
Director for External Relations & Development
University Advancement & Athletics
PO Box 4101
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4101
Direct: 928-523-3095
FAX: 928-523-2010

Inappropriate use and infringement

NAU’s trademarks may not be altered in any way.

NAU trademarks may not be used in conjunction with the name or trademark(s) of any other entity without the prior written permission of that entity and the university. If permission is granted by the University Trademark Licensing Director to use both NAU’s trademark and another party’s trademark, the trademarks must be distinct and separate from each other, and NAU’s trademarks must not be overshadowed or diminished in any way in comparison to the other entity’s trademark. Approval of any such dual use of NAU’s trademarks will be limited to instances where there is a compelling institutional priority.

NAU trademarks may not be used in any manner that suggests or implies Northern Arizona University’s endorsement of the views, beliefs, statements or messages of other organizations, companies, products, services, political parties, or religious organizations.

NAU’s trademarks may not be used in any way that discriminates or implies discrimination against any persons or groups based on age, ancestry, belief, color, creed, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status, or in any other way that would be a violation of NAU’s anti-discrimination policies or practices.

No one other than Northern Arizona University may claim copyright or trademark rights or seek to register any design that uses Northern Arizona University trademarks.

All uses of NAU trademarks on products will incorporate the appropriate trademark designation symbols , either ® or ™. In rare instances, omission of the symbols may be granted due complications with production processes or when inclusion of the symbols interferes with the integrity of the design or significantly reduces consumer appeal. Generally, a trademark endorsement statement is included instead on the back of such items or on the package, label or hangtag. Agreements for omissions of trademark designations must be granted in writing by the University Trademark Licensing Director prior to production of the item.

Northern Arizona University will not approve the use of NAU trademarks in connection with products or designs that present an unacceptable risk of liability or could be harmful to the mission or image of the institution. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Weapons or firearms
  • Alcoholic beverages or tobacco products (unless produced by an official corporate sponsor of the University or NAU Athletics, per contract agreement)
  • Illegal drug-related products
  • Sexually suggestive products or language
  • Art depicting or implying the use or endorsement of illegal drugs, tobacco products, firearms or other weapons, racist, sexist, hateful, demeaning or degrading language or statements, profanity, sexual acts, or statements impugning other universities

Any uses of the names, numbers and/or images of NAU student athletes must comply with university policies and NCAA regulations. Questions should be directed to the University Trademark Licensing Director, who will consult as appropriate with NAU Athletics.

**Report inappropriate use or possible infringements here.**

Clarification of use

In instances where there is uncertainty regarding the appropriate use of NAU trademarks, the University Trademark Licensing Director will consult as needed with University Marketing, NAU Athletics, NAU’s general legal counsel, and/or other appropriate university partners. Northern Arizona University reserves the right to disapprove any use of its trademarks, even if such use is not explicitly prohibited by these guidelines.

Contact Information

The Trademark Licensing Program at Northern Arizona University is housed in the Office of Alumni Relations.

For more information about Northern Arizona University’s Trademark Licensing Program, download the Trademark Information Guide or contact:

Erin Bertelsen
University Trademark Licensing Director
NAU Office of Alumni Relations
PO Box 6034
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6034
(928) 523-8148  

If you are interested in obtaining a license to produce merchandise with NAU trademarks, contact:

The Collegiate Licensing Company

1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300

Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: 770.956.0520

Fax: 770.955.4491 

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