Pi Kappa Phi

Letters 2013, Pi Kappa Phi

 Since its inception on campus in February 2008, we have been immersed in the challenge of building a distinguished fraternal organization that is composed of men that deem themselves “leaders by choice.” In the core of each brother, the fraternity has instilled fundamental tenets of:

  • character
  • leadership
  • academics
  • sportsmanship
  • service

From humble roots at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, the national fraternity now extends to over 135 campuses, ΠKΦ is the largest fraternity in the state of Arizona, and has nearly 100,000 initiated brothers.

Additionally, we are the only fraternity in the nation to establish and maintain its own philanthropy, Push America. We pride ourselves on being a social fraternal organization unlike any other. We are not followers; we are men that blaze a trail where others will follow. Our mission is simple: We will lead.

Founded: December 10, 1904

Leaders: President - Jesse Cordova Email 

Colors: White and Gold, with royal blue as a secondary 

Symbol: Star Shield

Flower: Red Rose