Alpha Sigma Phi

Currently the fastest growing fraternity in the United States, Alpha Sigma Phi was recently brought to campus in Spring of 2017. Being the largest expansion in the national fraternity’s history, the gentlemen of Alpha Sigma Phi drive their growing success by ambition. Their ambition stems from their overarching value to “Better the World through Better Men.” Founded on the value of character, each brother lives by the following tenets:


  • Silence
  • Charity
  • Purity
  • Honor
  • Patriotism


 Found at Yale University in 1845, Alpha Sigma Phi continues to be the international organization of choice for collegiate men, keeping tradition for being the 10th oldest fraternity in the nation.

Causa Latet Vis Est Notissima- "The cause is hidden, the results well-known"



The Humane Society


Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Homes for our Troops

Founded: December 6, 1845

Leaders: President-  Makai Lui:

Colors: Cardinal and Stone

Symbol: The Phoenix

Flower: Cardinal rose and yellow tea rose


Website: Alpha Sigma Phi National Website