Foundations of Quality Program

NAU Fraternity and Sorority Life Foundations of Quality Program

WHY?  Recent deaths by alcohol poisoning, new members subjected to hazing as a requirement of membership, allegations of rape and sexual assault and incidents of profound cultural insensitivity have generated negative press and perceptions about the Fraternity and Sorority movement.  Leaders of the three NAU Fraternity and Sorority Life Governing Councils (CPC, IFC and UGC) and the Order of Omega Honorary met with campus officials, chapter advisers and alumni to propose a common set of essential educational programs to address typical risk management and chapter health issues to the affiliated experience.  

WHO?  All NAU Fraternity and Sorority Life Chapters recognized by one of the three governing bodies (CPC, IFC or UGC) and their individual members will participate annually in Foundations of Quality Programs offered through their chapter, in collaboration with other chapter(s) or sponsored by one of the three governing councils.

WHAT?  Each Chapter will ensure that new and active members complete or participate in at least one educational program on the following topical areas on an annual basis:

New Members (All 4 are required)

Active Members (4 of 7 are required)*

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness

Academic Success Strategies

Academic, Career Planning or Job Search Strategies

Hazing Awareness

Hazing Prevention and Intervention

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

Sexual Assault Prevention


Bystander Training


Cultural Sensitivity, Diversity or Inclusive Communities


Mental and Physical Well-Being

*Chapters exceeding the minimum essential programs will be considered for the Pillars of Excellence Award for exemplary chapter education and risk prevention efforts.

WHEN?  Chapter will required to track the following annually for each of the program areas listed above:

  • Program Title
  • Presenter
  • Date Held
  • Attendance (e.g. new members, all active members, all chapter program)

The cycle of required programming and reporting period will be March 1 through February 28, annually.

WHERE?  Programs can be a part of a regular New Member or Active Member Meeting and may also meet national educational programming requirements.  Chapters and Councils may collaborate to offer programs.

HOW?  Specific programs required by national organizations may also satisfy the Foundations of Quality Program requirements; however, such programs require advance review and approval by the appropriate Governing Council. Each governing council (CPC, IFC, UGC) will determine how chapters will be tracked for compliance with the Foundations of Quality Program requirements and consequences for not meeting program requirements on an annual basis.  A listing of free, university-sponsored programs for all program areas listed above will be maintained on the Fraternity and Sorority Life webpage, beginning in August 2015.

Heath Promotion Presentations
Complete the Presentation Request Form and return it to the Health Promotion office. Please allow two weeks advanced notice to complete your request. 


Explore stressors, practice relaxation exercises, and leave with a personalized stress management plan! 60 minutes. 

Take a Stand!

Be a leader in the prevention of sexual assault on campus.  This program involves self reflection and real life scenario discussion.  Participants receive a certificate of completion and TAS! bracelet. 2 hours. 


Fun, interactive, game-based way to learn how to reduce the risks associated with alcohol use.  No lectures here!  Everyone gets to play! 45-90 minutes. Limited to 25 participants. 

Eating Healthy on Campus

Maximize the nutritional quality of student meal plans! We'll discuss how to keep your meals healthy and balanced. 60 minutes. 

Health and the American Diet

In love with french fries? We'll take a look at what we eat, how our food environment can impact health and well-being. 60 minutes. 


Do you know about the “bad beanie” and how to protect yourself from STI’s?  You will after this introductory discussion about barriers and sexual health! LGBTQ-friendly. 60 minutes. 

Creepy or Cute?

You decide what’s creepy or cute as we discuss real life scenarios about college relationships.  Discuss personal boundaries and recognize signs of a healthy relationship! 60 minutes.

Pillow Talk

Can lack of sleep cause weight gain? Identify barriers to getting enough sleep and develop a plan to get enough sleep to support good health! 60 minutes. 

For more information, please contact the Health Promotion Office at 928-523-6867 or email

NAUPD Presentations

The Community Relations Office is an integral part of the Police Department and coordinates all community relations activities for the Police Department. The Community Relations staff is dedicated to the education of everyone that is a part of the NAU campus and the Flagstaff community.

The program utilizes crime prevention presentations to provide the NAU community with the information and techniques to minimize the possibility of becoming a crime victim. Presentations are held throughout the campus in residence halls, academic buildings and business offices. Examples of presentations include:

  • Drug Education
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Burglary and Theft Prevention
  • Domestic/Relationship Violence
  • Arson and Fire Safety
  • Sexual Assault
  • Winter Driving Tips

If you would like to schedule a presentation or have a question about crime here on campus, please call NAUPD's non-emergency line at 523-3611, or fill out the request form here.

Academic Resources

Disability Resources
Health and Learning Center, Bldg. 25, 2nd Floor; Phone: 928-523-8773;
Provides accessible parking, housing, computer labs, assistive technology devices, registration assistance, and sign language interpreting. 

Financial Aid
Blome, Building 2; Phone: 928-523-4951 
Provides assistance with all types of educational financing options. 

Gateway Student Success Center
Bldg. 43; Phone: 928-523-4772;
Academic advising for all undeclared students; Career Counseling and Employment Services for all students. 
Career Services 

Inclusion and Multicultural Services (IMS)
Union, Bldg. 30, Room 104; Phone: 928-523-5656 
Provides culturally-relevant services and support to historically underrepresented students. Their services are open to all students. 

In-Hall Tutoring 
Allen, McConnell, Morton, Reilly, Sechrist, Tinsley, Wilson; Sunday-Wednesday 7-10pm 
Open to all students in lower level courses! 

International Student and Scholar Services
Blome, Bldg. 2, Rm 200; Phone: 928-523-2409 
Provides services to international students including advising, information on programs and events, and Scholarships. 

Native American Student Services (NASS)
Native American Cultural Center, Bldg.14; Phone: 928-523-8086
Provides culturally-sensitive support services to Native American and Alaskan Native students. 

Practicum Lab (College of Education)
Bldg. #27, Rm 101; 928-523-2145
Free counseling is exchanged from master’s level students in exchange for feedback under the direction of Licensed Counselors. 

Registrar’s Office
Gammage, Bldg.1 Phone: 928-523-2108 
Course enrollment and academic records. 

Student Learning Centers
North SLC: University Union, 2nd Floor; Phone: 928-523-5524 
South SLC: Learning Resource Center, Bldg. 61; Phone: 928-523-7391 
Free tutoring for a variety of classes; study skills programs including workshops and individual appointments. 

Student Support Services
Union, Bldg. 30, Rm 104; Phone: 928-523-6980 
Provides academic support for low-income, first generation to college, and/or students with registered disabilities. 

Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Union, Bldg. 30, 2nd floor; Phone 928-523-5524 
Weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. 

Writing Center
North Student Learning Center, Union, Bldg. 30, 2nd Floor; Phone: 928-523-8992 
Provides immediate, constructive feedback and strategies for improving the writing process by a writing consultant.

Foundations of Quality Submission Form
For chapters that have completed a program, please fill out this form to report to the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office.