About Fraternity and Sorority Life

The Mission of Fraternity and Sorority Life at

Northern Arizona University 

To develop values-centered students who foster a safe environment through interactive programs with a commitment to scholarship, service, leadership, and friendship.

Our Vision

  • To teach the history of fraternal organizations and, therefore, instill students with a sense of their origin, values and principles.
  • To hold students accountable to the values and principles with which Greek organizations were founded.
  • To increase leadership opportunities and promote active involvement among all members of the Greek community.
  • To offer active and involved advisement to support chapters as they strive to achieve their goals and live up to their core values.
  • To recruit diverse students who seek to uphold community, university, and organizational standards.
  • To demonstrate a zero tolerance for hazing, discrimination, or any behavior which is contrary to the principles of Greek organizations.
  • To uphold Mountain View Hall as an interactive facility for all Greek students where they can thrive in a safe and inclusive environment.